Advantages to Casio Pianos

Realistic Touch

Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II is in pretty much all of their instruments and like a grand piano, is weighted heavier in the bottom than up top. Features pleasantly textured keytops, to aid in gripping the keys while playing. It’s a joy to play and, in our humble opinion, definitely the best action found in keyboards priced under $1,000.

On the higher-end models, the wooden keystick action for the Grand Hybrid series is a wonder to behold. Developed in conjuction with C Bechstein, these feature real wooden spruce Bechstein grand keysticks and a mechanism that is not only grand-like, but allows faster repetition than any acoustic piano available.

Packed with Features

On feature-rich models, like the CGP-700 and PX-780, you can

  • choose from hundreds of different sounds and rhythms, to keep your practice fun and exciting
  • have the instrument react as if you’re playing a heavier action or lighter action 
  • record 16 layers and/or directly into your recording software, with a simple USB cord.
  • automatically turn one note into a chord, and play a dynamically changing chord progression.
  • and WAY more!

Grand Hybrid Series

The Casio GP-300, GP-400, and GP-500 models feature the faithfully captured sound of three legendary 9′ concert grands: the Berlin Bechstein, the Vienna Bosendorfer, and the Hamburg Steinway. And because the environment impacts the sound of the piano, they allow you to simulate the acoustics of famous concert halls from around the world.

Some of Our Favorite Casio Pianos

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Please note that we pricematch Amazon, plus we give you a bench. You can play a range of instruments, learn about them, and take home your favorite same-day! 

Casio PX-160

Available – In Stock

One of the most affordable of the weighted 88-key keyboards with a graded hammer action, this model packs a punch in its sleek, simplified design.

Casio CGP-700

Available – In Stock

Features an awesome 5.3″ color touchscreen, powerful speakers in the stand and an incredible array of features, this is our best selling model of new keyboards.

Casio PX-5s

Available – In-Stock

A powerhouse of a stage piano, with crazy levels of customization and control at an incredible price.

Casio Grand Hybrid

Available – In Stock

Developed in partnership with Bechstein, this features an incredible wooden keystick action and the sounds of 3 legendary 9′ concert grands.

Learn More About Casio

Right after WWII, Casio started out making components for microscopes, then hit it big with their electric calculator in 1954. They essentially invented the idea of the smaller, lighter-weight, and more affordable class of “portable keyboard” in 1980 with the introduction of the Casiotone. Since then, they’ve been at the forefront of developing high-quality digital instruments.

There is no finer resource for learning about pianos than Larry Fine’s site and related books/magazines. We require all new employees to read the book, so that everyone on the team has a foundation of knowledge for when working with customers. If you’re the type to do your homework on a purchase, I encourage you to enrich yourself (for free!) at Mr. Fine’s website.

Casio also has detailed information about all their instruments on their website, as well as an excellent Youtube channel, with useful demonstrations of the features of most products currently in production.

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