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Since 1853, Steinway & Sons have been committed to revolutionizing the piano. They own many patents concerned with reaching a stronger build, richer sounds, and a more sensitive action – all of which have been imitated by other makers. Just a glance at their history is enough to convince that they will not compromise when it comes to delivering the finest quality. This dedication to engineering our expectations of the modern piano are prevalent in all their models, and even in their studio size pianos, pianists are not left unimpressed. 

This particular Steinway Upright has a great richness and depth to its tone, as well as a “characteristic smooth feel,” as our Vice President, Brendan Alviani, remarks in the demonstration videos. Despite its stature of being only 46″ tall, it delivers a powerful sound and makes for an optimal studio piano. On top of its wonders as an instrument, it also adds aesthetic and awe to any room with its beautiful satin ebony finish. 



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