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The Riverside Room is Perfect For:


This is the perfect room for your next jazz, classical, folk, or other concert. We have a variety of marketing options available to help fill the room with music lovers, plus flexible revenue-sharing options so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a fun and profitable event.

Business Meetings

With all the business tools you expect from a meeting space, a larger capacity than local hotels, and flexible hours, consider booking the Riverside Room for your off-site meetings.

Educational Workshops

We think there’s a lot of demand out there for focused, educational workshops and/or musical masterclasses. If you’d like to teach a 1, 2, or 3 part series of workshops around a particular musical topic, we’d love to help make it a big success here!

Private Parties

Perfect for the piano player in your life, this room can host birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, and other celebrations where the majority of attendees are adults.


Running out of room in your basement or garage? We have very reasonable rates for regularly scheduled rehearsals. Plus, use of the piano & drum set!


To support music education in the community and to encourage public performance, we sponsor all music recitals here at the Riverside Room. Call for detaisl.

Available Amenities

Seating for up to 100 people

The Riverside Room is approximately 1350 square feet, about 45 feet long and 30 feet wide. We have a standard concert-style set-up of 10 rows of 10 chairs, with 2 walking aisles. Based on your needs, we can arrange the room with a custom set-up for an additional fee. Fire code limit for a table-and-chairs set-up is 50.

New Chairs and Tables

We recently bought brand-new black church-style padded chairs. We also have yellow padded chairs with arms and some metal folding chairs for squeezing in a few more people. We also have 10 brand-new seminar-style tables available for use (w/ set-up fee). 

Projector Screen; Sound Equipment

The projector screen is wall-mounted and basically hidden when not in use.

You are welcome to bring in any outside sound equipment, but we have two large unpowered Yamaha speakers and a basic 8-channel mixer / amp for running sound to them. We also have 3 microphones and stands.

Nice Kitchen / Potluck Area

The kitchen area has plenty of surface area for preparing dishes, with a sink and dish-drying rack, if you so need them. There is a small mini-fridge with freezer.

Typically, during recitals and private parties, we’ll have tables in the back of the room for a potluck. If we’re expecting a larger crowd, we can move the tables into the hall, so everyone has more room to mill about and socialize.

9’4″ Steinertone Concert Grand and 7’0″ Kawai GX-6

The Steinertone, when it was built in 1904, was the largest piano on the planet at 9’4″. They only built 18 – 9 of which were labeled Mason & Hamlin (where the piano was built) and 9 Stinertone (after Morris Steinert, the main designer). Features original ivories and has incredible character of sound.

The Kawai GX-6 is one of the best performance instruments on the planet, in our eyes. It has incredible precision and control, with an even, rich tone.

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