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We hope you’ve been enjoying our email newsletters over the years. As you know, we’re always looking for a way to improve the experience, so although we’ve been with Constant Contact since the beginning, we’re switching to a rival email company called Mail Chimp for a couple of reasons:


MailChimp allows you to tell us what type of content you’d like to see. If you play violin and want to receive deals from us, we won’t send you piano offers. Don’t play any instruments, but want to know about upcoming concerts? No problem! We value your time and want to make sure everything we send you is as relevant as possible. I won’t go into all of the details, but the tools are way more sophisticated than with Constant Contact. You can always update your preferences with the “Update Preferences” link on the bottom of all of our emails. Or you can click the “Sign Up for Our Email Newsletter” link down below, enter just your email address, hit “enter”, and follow MailChimp’s instructions.

Mobile Friendly

More and more folks are reading email on their smartphones. Constant Contact had minimal plans for mobile-friendly emails, whereas MailChimp did a lot of smart things to make sure their emails worked great on any device they were opened on. So now our emails – just like our website – changes based on the screen size of the device and will adjust so that it can look nice on any device.

Easier for Us

MailChimp does a lot of little things to make our newsletter-writing lives easier. They build in advanced email marketing tips everywhere, so it’s easier for us to learn how to make a better newsletter. They have really advanced A/B testing tools, which means we can easily test variables for our newsletter, so we can continue to improve it. It also has way better mobile tools, so that we can manage our newsletters on the go. The list goes on and on, but we’re all pretty stoked by the advanced capabilities of this new service.

Still Secure

MailChimp takes security arguably more seriously than Constant Contact. Instead of single opt-in, they want double opt-in, which means that you get a “verify subscription” email. This helps verify that I didn’t take your email from a list or anything – rather, you actually want to receive email from us. While setting up our account, MailChimp also walked me through better ways of keeping your data secure and better practices for sending you exactly what you signed up for. And, of course, we would never dream of selling your email to anyone.

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