Ukulele Teachers at Family Piano Co

Jessica Brown

Teaches: Voice/Singing, Ukulele

Jessica has played with a wide range of musicians across Chicagoland. With over 2.3 million fans on her facebook page, Jessica has ranked #1 on Reverbnation’s Chicago, National, Global Pop Charts and was awarded RAW Chicago’s “Musician of the Year” in 2013. She has been training as a singer since a young age, including at Columbia College, which she got her bachelor’s. A resident of Pleasant Prairie, she loves teaching students of all ages, with extensive experience teaching children under 5.



Clayton Fulling

Teaches: Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonica

An experienced folk, rock, jazz, bluegrass, and classical musician with over 20 years of experience, Clayton will be graduating with his Bachelor’s in Classical Guitar from NEIU in December 2017. He recently retired from the Navy and has been a popular teacher for students of all ages. When he’s not teaching, he’s often helping out around the store and in the guitar department.


James Kole

Teaches: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele WAITLIST ONLY

James has been teaching guitar since 1973. After graduating from DePaul University, he has taught successfully at a variety of local music stores. He has traveled to China and around Asia to continue learning about guitar, from international virtuosos. He believes strongly that working in music helps to maintain focus and enhance the creative spirit that lies within us all. He specializes in Jazz, Classical, and Rock, but can teach more styles.


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