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Advantages to Hailun Pianos

Top Features

We encourage you to compare the specifications of top pianos to those of the Hailun models.

  • German Röslau Strings
  • Real Ebony Wood for the Black Keys
  • Wet Sand-Cast Full-Perimeter Plates & Quarter-Sawn Spruce Ribs
  • 17-layer Maple Pinblock
  • Mountain Spruce Soundboard (w/ 15° Meniscus for Durability and Flexibility)
  • Adjustable Bench with Storage Space

Top Designers

Hailun has hired a veritable Who’s Who of piano industry experts:

  • Peter Veletzky, 4th Gen Owner of Wendl & Lung, and Master Piano Builder
  • George Emerson, Designer from Baldwin, and Mason & Hamlin
  • Sibin Zlakovic, Master Tuner & Voicer from Bösendorfer
  • Stephen Paulello, Concert Pianist, Teacher & Technician Trained at Bechstein, and Steinway & Sons
  • Keith Bowman &  Mike Carraher, Top American Registered Piano Technicians

Fantastic Value

Hailun won the MMR Acoustic Piano Line of the Year in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Not only do they make a great piano, but they work hard to keep the prices reasonable. Especially for the larger models, the price difference between a more brand-name piano and the Hailun equivalent can be fairly substantial.

Best-Selling Hailun Upright Pianos

Hailun 121 acoustic upright piano in satin ebony.

Hailun 121

Available – In Stock

One of the most affordable, high-quality 48″ uprights on the market today. Features Roslau Strings, Wet Sandcast Plate, Notched Ribs, a Siberian Spruce Soundboard & more.

Hailun HU-1 acoustic upright piano in ebony mahogany polish colorway.

Hailun HU-1

Available – In Stock

Premium high-quality strings, soundboard, keys, and more, this 48″ upright will challenge and change all of your assumptions about Chinese-made instruments.

Hailun HU-5 acoustic upright piano in ebony polish.

Hailun HU-5

Available – In Stock

Premium high-quality strings, soundboard, keys, and more, this 50″ upright will challenge and change all of your assumptions about Chinese-made instruments.

Best-Selling Hailun Grand Pianos

Hailun 151 5 foot grand piano in polished ebony.

Hailun 151

Available – In Stock

Just under 5’0″ long, the Hailun 151 is a lovely baby grand with nice features usually seen on larger instruments, like a true sostenuto pedal, slow close lid, and duplex scaling.

Hailun 178 5 foot 10 inch grand piano in polished ebony.

Hailun 178

Available – In Stock

This high-end (yet affordable!) 5’10” grand piano is the successor of the 151. Its won multiple Piano of the Year Awards from MMR Magazines, and it stands as a true industry favorite!

Hailun 198 six foot 5 inch grand piano in polished ebony.

Hailun 198

Available for Order

Designed by Frank Emerson, a renowned piano engineer for Baldwin and Mason & Hamlin, this 6’5″ beauty is worth making room for. It’s sound alone makes it superior to its predecessors.

Learn More About Hailun Pianos

Mr. Chen Hailun still has ownership of Hailun Piano, after founding it in 1986. In 2012, Hailun went public with an Initial Public Offering (IPO), the first privately-held Chinese piano company to do so. Read more here on the official China Cultural Industry Association page about Hailun.

Furthermore, our friends at Living Piano made a really nice video about the Hailun 178 that you might want to check out, and Larry Fine wrote a nice in-depth article about Hailun on his PianoBuyer.com website.

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