Chicagoland’s Best Piano Tech Team Just Got Better

June 8, 2021

Our tech team is behind all of Family Piano’s success.

They’re the key to all of our piano’s journeys. From the initial inspection when they first arrive in our showroom, to the week-long refurbishing process, to the final inspection and servicing once they’re sold, to the yearly tunings they receive in your homes — our techs make that possible.

Today, our tech team is the largest in the Chicagoland area, tuning and servicing pianos all over Lake, Cook and Kenosha county. And even just in the past year or so, we’ve seen it grow even larger still.

Taking care of pianos is hard work. And thankfully, we are staying real busy. So to better serve customers, we’re announcing a few changes that should benefit everyone.

Tony the Service Manager

Tony started at Family Piano in 2017 as a part-time salesperson and instrument repair tech. He’s an avid musician, and if you ever came down to Joplin’s Java, you might even remember him as one of our headliners.

Since then, he’s transitioned into full-time salesperson work. And now, he’s transitioning into our service manager.

Tony has over 30 years of experience in service management. In previous jobs, he was involved in scheduling and managing workers. So it only makes sense to have the best man for the job on the job!

Going forward, Tony will be the point person for setting tuning and service appointments. He’ll also be supporting all our field and in-house technicians so they can focus solely on doing the best work possible. You’ll still be able to catch Tony at both stores, and he’ll still be serving customers in a sales capacity too!

This change has been very helpful for everyone at Family Piano. Having one point of contact for everything tech-related should be just as beneficial for customers too. And Tony seems to be enjoying his new office as well!

Tony the Service Manager in New Office - Family Piano, Waukegan IL

Welcome Demetrios to the Team

We’re proud to introduce Demetrios Jones as the newest full-time member of our tech team. He joined us part-time earlier in the year, and he’s already proved to be a great personality and help!

Demetrios Jones, Piano Technician - Family Piano, Waukegan IL

Alice met Demetrios at Alden’s. He was primarily a piano mover there until he began taking an interest in technician work. So he started going in early to learn under Ron Alden in the morning before hitting the road in the afternoon. He worked part-time at Alden’s for five years before now transitioning to Family Piano — only for scheduling reasons though!

Demetrios has quickly learned the lay of the land at Family Piano, and he’s been very responsive to Alice’s training. He does quite remarkable case work, and is very attentive to details — the mark of any great piano technician. He’s already been doing some of our in-shop piano tunings, and we expect him to be ready for in-home appointments soon too!

If you haven’t gotten the chance to meet the rest of our tech team, visit our updated About page! You can read a little bit about Family Piano’s history and get introduced to the rest of our staff there!

New Area for Digital Repair

Some time last year, we finally got around to giving Digital Repair an official page on our website. Paul Durand, our digital technician, had been on the team for 5 or 6 years already. But we just hadn’t gotten around to finalizing details and publishing it.

Well, once we did, the Digital Repair page quickly became one of our website’s most popular pages. And Paul deserves that sort of popularity, he’s a fantastic repairman! But he wasn’t ready to start booking service calls in California or Florida or the UK or Australia (yes, we’ve really gotten calls and emails from all these places).

At any rate, the traffic locally has picked up quite a bit too. Our world-renowned digital tech went from a few in-store repairs a month to being pretty much booked most weeks!

So we decided to move Paul from the corner in Waukegan’s Digital Showroom to the cubicle area in the Acoustic Showroom. It’s a much more comfortable space for him to work, and it fits more keyboards and digitals for repair.

Hopefully some day we can figure out how to teleport Paul for international jobs. Or maybe we’ll start getting people over yonder who are comfortable paying a $2000+ mileage fee to cover his flights and hotels. But for now, he’s happy to help our local friends with any of their needed digital piano repair!

Over the past few years, Paul has worked hard to become an authorized technician for a number of brands including Kawai, Yamaha, Roland, Casio and Kurzweil. Read more about our digital service offerings on the famous Digital Repair page.

All in all, we’re real excited about all these additions and changes to the team, and we know they’ll result in even better service to our customers.

We hope to keep improving too so please do give us feedback at any time! If we’ve been over for a tuning or if you’ve had your keyboard fixed recently, tell us how we did!

As always, a big thanks from the entire staff for your continued support!

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