Piano Rental near Chicago

“I Don’t Know if We’ll Stick with Piano. . .”

Try before you buy with Rent-to-Own: our monthly piano rental program! High-quality acoustic pianos with little commitment. 

Benefits of Piano Rental

Piano Owning Made Easy

High-Quality Pianos

Expertly refurbished acoustic pianos under warranty so you can focus on learning without fighting the instrument.

100% Credit for 12 Months

All of your rental fees go towards the piano’s price for the first year with 75% credit afterwards.

Perfect for Families

Get a piano that’s easy to learn on with very little commitment.

Low Upfront Cost

The lowest monthly rental and processing fees around.

No Obligation to Buy

Easy returns after 3 months, and no pressure to buy otherwise.

Rent-to-Own: Piano Rental Pricing

To start a piano rental, you’ll be charged the first $49 – $229 monthly rate, $349 – $499+ moving fee and $149 processing fee. No security deposit, no return delivery upfront, and no hidden fees!

Premium Upright

  • Nicer sounding and feeling
  • Mostly newer, polished finishes, taller, major brands.
  • Priced from ~$2,999 to ~$5,999
  • Made in 1970s to 2000s
  • Up to 52″ Tall
Upright Pianos for Rent
Grand Pianos for Rent

Premium Grand

  • Nicer sounding and feeling
  • Mostly newer, polished finishes, taller, major brands.
  • Priced from ~$7,999 to ~$9,999
  • Made in 1940s to 1980s
  • Up to  ~7’0 Long

100% Credit for 12 Months

You’ll receive store credit equal to 100% of your first 12 monthly rental payments. Afterwards, 75% of payments will go towards store credit.

$349 - $499 Delivery + Return

Upright and grand pianos will be moved for $349 or $499, respectively. Extra will be charged for stairs, and the same total will be charged if you return the piano.

$149 Processing Fee

This fee is collected upfront, and it goes towards managing balances and processing payments. It can be waived if you pay for 12 months upfront!

Sales Tax for Rentals

Illinois customers don’t need to pay sales tax unless you purchase the piano. Wisconsin customers will need to pay 5.5% in sales tax for each rental payment.

Terms & Details of Piano Rentals

We believe we have the most fair and flexible piano rental program in the Chicago area. Read our entire agreement now to judge for yourself and prepare the information you’ll need to sign up.

3-Month Minimum Rentals

Please note we don’t offer daily piano rentals for events! All piano rentals must last at least 3 months.

Wide Selection of Acoustics

Dozens of upright and grand pianos for rent, from brands like Yamaha, Kawai and Mason & Hamlin!

Tuned & Refurbished Before Delivery

Your rental piano will be carefully tuned and all adjustments checked just before delivery.

Covered by 5-Year Warranty

This piano is under warranty while rented to you. Tunings are maintenance and aren’t included, but any defects (squeaky pedals, sticky keys, etc.) will be covered.

No Credit Checks

Renting a piano will not require good credit — or any credit! We’ll just require a credit card on AutoPay.

AutoPay & Credit Card Required

We require a major credit card (no debit cards) to be on file and for all monthly payments to be on AutoPay.

Purchasing the Piano

100% of your store credit will apply towards the price of the piano, and you’ll just pay the outstanding balance.

Exchanging the Piano

You can exchange the piano you’re renting to rent/buy another piano so long as it’s Double-Double compliant and you pay all the moving fees.

Need Daily Piano Rental?

If you need a piano rental for temporary situations, contact our friends over at Alden’s! You can rent one of their select pianos for a day, a week and occasionally on a monthly basis for shows and events.

Our Music Resources E-Book

Want to Make Sure You Stick with Piano?

There are thousands of apps, games, courses and other online resources you can use to supplement your learning so that music making is fun. Here are 100+ of our favorites. 

Upright & Grand Pianos for Rent

Prefer to Buy a Piano?

No one has ever regretted learning piano. So skip the paperwork, and browse a much wider selection to find the perfect one for you. It’s cheaper in the long-run too!

Piano Rental Program FAQ

Can I rent a piano?

Yes, you can rent a piano!

Renting a piano is a practical option if you’re not ready to commit to a purchase or if you need a piano temporarily, such as for an event, recital practice, or while you’re evaluating whether to buy one.

Piano rental terms can vary, and you can typically choose from different types of pianos, such as upright or grand pianos.

Rental fees often include delivery and maintenance. This allows you to enjoy the experience of playing a piano without the long-term financial commitment of purchasing one.

Where to rent a piano?

You can rent a piano from a piano store. Many dealers will offer piano rental programs and options.

When renting a piano, consider factors like the type of piano you need, the rental duration, delivery and maintenance services, and the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

In any case, it’s a good idea to visit or contact local piano stores to discuss your specific needs.

How much is it to rent a piano?

The cost to rent a piano will vary depending on the type of piano, rental duration, local market, and even the specific terms of the rental agreement.

Here at Family Piano in the Chicago area, we offer monthly rentals for $49 – $229.

On average, we’d estimate monthly piano rentals nationwide will range from $100 – $500 and daily rentals around $50 – $250 (not including any security deposits or moving fees).

How much to rent a piano for a day?

The cost to rent a piano for a day/event can very depending on the type of piano, its brand, and your local market.

Here’s a general estimate for daily piano rental rates:

Upright Piano Rental for a Day: Typically ranges from approximately $50 to $150 for a day’s rental.

Grand Piano Rental for a Day: The cost can range from $150 to $500 or more for a day’s rental.

Rental rates often don’t include delivery and pickup, and may additionally be susceptible to tax and other fees!


Where can I rent a piano keyboard?

Contact local piano stores to find out if you can rent a digital piano or keyboard from them. 

Other music stores may similarly offer digital piano rental programs. 

Here at Family Piano near Chicago, we actually don’t rent out digital pianos or keyboards given used units become harder to sell.

Do you have to get pianos tuned while you rent them?

Whether you need to have a rented piano tuned depends on the terms of your rental agreement!

Here at Family Piano near Chicago, we tune and service rental pianos just before they’re delivered. 

We also give rental customers a $10 discount off all piano tunings for any future tunings. 

All rented pianos are additionally under warranty. So while maintenance isn’t covered, any possible defects will be dealt with at no additional cost.

Ask your local piano dealer for a copy of their rental agreements, and make sure to clarify waht piano maintenance will be included and/or necessary!

Interested in Piano Rental?

Visit our stores in the Golf Mill Mall and in Downtown Waukegan, both open every day from 12pm to 6pm!

We have a nice selection of acoustic pianos available for Rent-to-Own, each refurbished and warrantied.

Reach out via this contact form, chat with us or call us at (847) 775-1988 with any questions!