Rent-to-Own a Piano

A little girl in a green dress standing next to a piano, putting on sunglasses.

“I don’t know if my child will stick with the piano…” is arguably the most common concern we hear, so we designed this unique rent-to-own piano program for families that are just starting out.

  • Refurbished Uprights & Grands Available
  • Starts at $49/mo
  • 100% of Credit Goes Toward Owning the Piano for First 12 Months (after that, 75% of each payment goes towards ownership).
  • Credit on Rented Piano Applicable Towards Purchasing Others
  • 3 Month Minimum; Easy Returns
  • No Interest & Minimal Fees
  • No Obligation or Pressure to Buy

Advantages to Renting

  • Easy to return, no obligation to buy
  • Low upfront investment
  • 100% of each payment goes towards a piano for first 12 months
  • Great for families just starting out

Advantages to Buying

  • Much wider selection of options, including new pianos
  • Lower total cost
  • No monthly rental payments
  • Less paperwork

Piano Rental Prices

Tips for Helping Your Child Stick with Piano

  • Consistent, Scheduled Practice Times helps your child make the habit of practicing every day easy.
  • Encouragement is important, especially when starting off.
  • Set Expectations – for example, some families require a minimum of 2 or more years of piano study before 8th grade, no negotiation. This also helps students get over the difficult beginning phase.
  • Good Teachers make a big difference. If you need one, stop into our School of Music or we can recommend a teacher in your area.
  • Invest in a Quality Instrument that gets your kids excited to practice. If it’s available, they often return to it years later if they take a break.
  • Games & Apps – there are iPad games out there, that are like Guitar Hero for piano that are really educational AND a ton of fun!
  • Fun Music from favorite movies, shows, and games is available for sale through our store, online, or through
  • Fun Performances include duets with a teacher / parent / friend, or a performance in one of our FREE monthly recitals, open to anyone!
  • Multiple Kids in your family increases your chances of at least one of them succeeding!

More Rental Program Details

Store Credit

  • 100% of First 12 Monthly Payments Applicable Towards Owning Instrument
  • 75% Applicable Thereafter (Payments 13, 14, etc.)


  • Minimum 3 Month Term for Rentals – Easy Returns, Purchases & Upgrades Afterwards
  • Security Deposit Applicable to Pick-Up – Nothing More Due Upon Cancellation


  • Store Credit Applicable Towards ANY Piano
  • No Fees for Exchange – Only Payment of Applicable Delivery / Pick-Up Fees Required


  • Piano is Fully Warrantied For Entire Duration of Rental Period
  • One Tuning Per Year Included (on premium rentals and grands)
  • Simply Call to Schedule a Technician for Service

Professional Delivery

  • Kevin’s Pianos Movers Will Take Care of Delivery & Pick-Up Entirely
  • Required for All Instruments
  • $299 for Upright Pianos
  • $399 for Grand Pianos

Security Deposit

  • Required at signing
  • $299 for Upright Pianos
  • $399 for Grand Pianos
  • Is Used to Pay for Return Move for the Piano If You Cancel OR Towards Purchasing the Instrument

Processing Fee

  • The Only Price Difference Between Renting & Buying
  • Recoups Processing Fees & Time Spent on Transaction
  • $95 if Rent-to-Own Piano is Purchased ($45 if Purchased Within 90 Days)

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