Rent the Riverside Room Venue For Your Next Event Space

Family Piano Co’s Riverside Room is a venue and event space in Waukegan, IL, for concerts, and music recitals, as well as private events such as meetings, birthday parties, photo shoots, workshops, and more! Affordable rates, and friendly policies — make planning your event easy!

View the Riverside Room Event Space Rental Agreement

Download and print our event space rental agreement to view our full list of policies, and our honest and friendly rates! You can fill it out now, and turn it in to our storefront, or visit us to have Max, our Events Coordinator, walk you through it! We will always do our best to accommodate you, and your event’s needs! Call us at (847) 775-1988 to book the Riverside Room today!

Available Amenities

A man sitting in Family Piano Co's Riverside Room.

Comfortable Chairs & Seminar Tables

We have 50 new church-style padded chairs so patrons attending our concerts stay comfortable the entire performance. Yellow padded chairs with arms, and metal folding chairs are also available if you require more seats, or have different needs.

If you require tables, or are leading a meeting, we do have a podium available with 10 seminar-style tables available for use!

Seating for 100

The Riverside Room is approximately 1350 square feet, about 45 feet long and 30 feet wide. We usually have a standard concert-style set-up, but based on the nature of your event, we can arrange the room to what will best fit your needs. Please note the fire code limit for a table-and-chairs set-up is 50 people.

The kitchen and potluck area of Family Piano Co's Riverside room

Kitchen & Potluck Area

The kitchen area has plenty of surface area for preparing dishes, with a sink and dish-drying rack, if you so need them. There is also a mini-fridge with a freezer available for use inside the kitchen, as well as a commercial fridge outside if more room is needed.

Typically, during recitals and private parties, we’ll have tables in the back of the room for a potluck or reception to follow. If we’re expecting a larger crowd, we can move the tables into the hall, so everyone has more room to mill about and socialize.

Family Piano Co's legendary 9'4" Steinertone Concert Grand, which sits in the Riverside Room.

5’11 Kawai GX-2 Concert Grand Piano

Featuring the exclusive Millennium III Action with ABS-Carbon composites, the GX-2 offers the perfect combination of precision and nuance that will inspire the most passionate expressions of musical artistry. Winner of the 2017 Product Excellence Award from Music Inc. Magazine, the GX-2 combines the stately presence of a classic grand with an exquisite clarity of tone unmatched by other pianos in its class.

An 8-chanel mixer and amp, plus a microphone in the Riverside Room at Family Piano Co.

Sound Equipment & Projector Screen

You are welcome to bring in any outside sound equipment, but we have two large Yamaha PA speakers, and a basic 8-channel mixer / amp for running sound to them. We also have three microphones and stands.

The projector screen is wall-mounted, and basically hidden when not in use.

Dimmable Track Lighting

We were receiving complaints about how the lights were too bright and distracting during our concerts, performances, and recitals. Because we are always striving to improve the Riverside Room, we internalized this feedback, and installed three different tracks of dimmable lights for your viewing convenience.

The track lights are adjustable in position and intensity at your request.

Rent the Riverside Room For:


We will always go the distance for all teachers in the community, and ensure students feel comfortable performing in our environment. To support music education in the community, and to help encourage public performance, we even offer a teacher discount in our event space for recitals!


Whether you need a space for a jazz, classical, folk concert–or any genre in between–we have a variety of marketing options available to help fill the room with music lovers, plus fair and flexible revenue-sharing options so you’re guaranteed to have a fun and profitable event!


Running out of room in the basement or garage? We have very reasonable and honest rates for regularly scheduled rehearsals. Plus, our two concert grand pianos, and a drum set is available to you with the standard rate of the room!

Educational Workshops

We think there’s a lot of demand out there for focused, educational workshops and/or musical master classes. If you’d like to teach a multiple-part series of workshops about a specific musical topic, we’d love to help make it a big success!


With all the business tools you expect from a meeting space, plus a larger capacity than local hotels and more flexible hours, consider booking the Riverside Room for your off-site meetings. Note: Family Piano won’t publicize overtly political and/or partisan events. Anything that could be perceived as such will be subject to approval. That being said, we do like to support events that support the community!

Private Parties

Perfect for the musician in your life! The Riverside Room can host birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, and other celebrations where the majority of attendees are adults.

Book the Riverside Room Today

Schedule a tour with Max, our events coordinator, to see the Riverside Room today! He’ll show you our amenities which are all included with the low standard rate of the room, explain our few friendly policies, and get you scheduled. Quick and simple! 

Make your event planning easier on yourself, and book Family Piano’s Riverside Room today!

For more information, please call 847-775-1988, e-mail, or submit a message to the right!

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