Our Piano Refurbishing Process

Our experienced staff spends significant time going through each piano, to make it sound its best, feel its best, and look its best. We also guarantee our work with a minimum of a three-year warranty. We try to stock primarily newer pianos, built in the last 10-30 years, but we do have some older pianos available as well. Many of these are available through our Rent-to-Own Program. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 847-775-1988 or email us at info@familypianoco.com.

A walnut piano on Family Piano's dock with it's action exposed, ready to undergo our piano refurbishing process.

Look Its Best

Clean & Repair The Case

Overseen by our shop manager Julie Dodds, one of the best case touch-up experts in the Midwest, we make sure our pianos are not only clean inside & out, but look the best they can be.

  • Dissemble piano as much as possible
  • Blow out all the dust, wipe down all the parts
  • Vacuum under the keys and in the action
  • Polish metal pedals, knobs, hinges, etc.
  • Buff out minor scratches and case imperfections
  • Repair any and all chips, especially at corners
  • Color-match any necessary fills for signficant scratches
  • Inspect for any remaining possible flaws to fix
A close-up of a piano's action.

Feel Its Best

Regulate the Mechanical Action

Adjusting the mechanical action for all 88 keys improves the feel of the piano. Students have more control for playing softly and loudly, so they can develop proper technique. We have a roughly 30-point checklist for each piano. A few highlights:

  • Tighten up screws throughout the action
  • Level the key height & dip (how far down it goes)
  • Lubricate pivot points for reduced friction
  • Shape the hammers by gentling sanding away worn-in grooves
  • Fine-tuning the timing of dampers
  • Standardize distance of hammers from strings
  • Adjust back-checking, lost motion, let-off & other subtle mechanisms
Andrew Warden, a tuner at Family Piano, tuning a Kawai piano.

Sound Its Best

Tune the Piano Multiple Times

There are over 200 strings on each piano for us to tune. Our expert tuners use the best of their ears and tuning software to efficiently give our customers a quality tuning that will last.

Every Piano Tuned - We work hard to have every piano in stock tuned & regulated, so that when you try out different pianos, you really know if you’re going to like it or not.

Final Inspection - Once you pick out your piano, we do a final tuning and inspection right before delivery, so you can enjoy your piano from Day 1.

Free Tuning - With every piano, you get a credit for a free tuning from us. When you're ready, we'll send one of our expert tuners to your home to make sure your piano is sounding and playing it's best.

How We Do Things Here

Price Match Policy

We work hard to have the best price around on all of our pianos, but if you find better, we can usually match the price of any new or used piano from any other store at the point of sale.

Easy, “No Haggle” Pricing

We keep our prices low every day of the week. Every piano is tagged with the lowest price, the moment you walk in the door. No games, no commission salespeople, just an easy shopping experience.

100% Trade Up Policy

On all acoustic pianos, you have the option to trade it back in for 100% of what you paid on it, towards any other piano that’s twice the price, any time within twice the warranty.

Lifetime Tuning Discount

If you’re in our service area in Lake County IL or Kenosha County WI, we’d love to continue to tune your piano. You get ten bucks off every tuning from us, as long as you own a piano from us.

Comprehensive Warranty

We stand behind our products so much, that for a minimum of 3 full years, if something goes wrong, we come and fix it, at no charge. You deserve that level of peace of mind.

Professional Movers

We use Kevin’s Piano Moving – professional, friendly, and efficient. Delivery is easy – you just tell them where to place the piano!

Easy Payment Options

All major credit cards, including Discover and American Express.

Cash/Check Discount, if we don’t need to pay credit card processing fees and/or financing fees.

Same Day Financing for up to 84 months, for a low minimum monthly payment.

Rent-To-Own options on select used pianos.

Free Group Adult Piano Class

Our free Group Adult Class is a 10-week course that uses Bastien’s Adult Beginner Book 1. It’s intended for total beginners (and those returning to the piano). It begins 4 times per year – January, March, June, and September, typically 6:00 to 7:00 pm, one night per week (night of the week varies semester to semester).

Benches Included

Every piano from us comes with a bench. We’ll show you what kind of bench – folding, hard-top, padded, adjustable, and/or duet. And if you’d like to upgrade, we’re happy to make those arrangements.

Request An Appointment

We’d like to block out some time to work with you thoroughly –- demonstrating the differences between our products, answering all of your questions, and making any necessary logistics for a smooth sales experience!

Please note that due to vendor agreements, we cannot discuss prices on new pianos until you’ve visited our physical location. However, once you do visit, you’ll be able to see each instrument labeled with our competitive prices!

See store hours below. Other times available by appointment.