All our Sales Policies

This is not a confusing legal document written by lawyers. This is just everything about how we do business — laid out transparently.

Even beyond what these policies state: we’re here to work with you. When you shop with us, you’re buying a piano you can trust!

If you have any questions about absolutely anything, please let us know!


Sales Appointments

Family Piano prides itself on its educational sales process. Most customers we work with have never bought a piano before. Therefore, we like to take the time to walk customers through all options and piano types so they can make an informed and confident decision.

Scheduling an appointment is not mandatory although it is appreciated. Set appointments ensure we’re prepared and have enough time to give customers the best experience possible.

Sales appointments typically take 1-2 hours. This much time ensures we can answer all questions, and that customers can explore all options.

Family Piano does not use any predatory sales tactics. We don’t like to haggle on price, and we price our pianos transparently and competitively year-round.

Price Match Policy

Family Piano pledges to match the price of any similar piano you find elsewhere.

Due to vendor agreements, we can’t quote our actual prices on new pianos over the phone until a customer has visited our showroom. However, customers are invited to come in and compare our prices to other local dealers.

Customers will have 14 days from the purchase date to request a refund if a better price is ultimately found (upon proof in writing or photo).

Pianos must be equivalents with respect to brand/model and condition. This must be very obvious and without any reasonable doubt. In most cases, used pianos will not qualify if not sold by a local piano dealer.

Do note that Family Piano sells all new pianos well below MSRP, usually at or below MAP. For pricing acoustic pianos, we use a proprietary calculator that takes many relevant variables into account, including local and national benchmarks.

Trade-In Policy

Please inform us if you have a piano in your home that you’d like to trade in. Family Piano does take in all trade-in pianos from customers we work with.

We’re honest about any possible credit upfront – we don’t work backwards depending on the price of the purchased piano!

The total credit amount will depend on the piano’s condition and perceived market value. Credit will assume exchange on the same delivery. If not, additional delivery charges are applicable. A bench and other reasonable accessories are also factored in (ie. power adapter for digital pianos, remote for player pianos, etc.)

We reserve the right to send an invoice for the value difference if the piano isn’t as promised. Mostly this isn’t a problem, and we are willing to forgive reasonable differences.

If we don’t think we’ll be able to resell the piano, it won’t qualify for trade credit. However, we can still take it in and dispose of it for a modest fee. In any case, we’re committed to making any purchase as convenient and seamless as possible.

Double Double Trade-Up

Family Piano offers a trade-up policy for all acoustic pianos sold. We do this to encourage customers to buy a beginner piano now while they save up for their dream piano later.

Our Double Double Trade-up Policy states that 100% of the first piano’s sale price is applicable towards any new piano’s cost as long as it’s 1) double the first piano’s price and 2) within double the length of the first piano’s warranty.

For example, a $5,000 piano with a 10 year warranty may be traded up to a $10,000 piano within 20 years — and receive a full $5,000 credit on it.

Loaner Program

For special orders or purchased pianos on backorder, wait times can be long (and even longer than we’re told by manufacturers). In light of this, Family Piano may provide a complimentary loaner for purchased pianos (paid in full) that take more than 3 months to arrive.

There is no rental charge during the period. Customers may be asked to cover the move into their home. Family Piano will then pay for the loaner piano to be swapped during the delivery of the purchased piano.

Customers can choose the closest equivalent piano that Family Piano owns and is available to be loaned out. Please note that no new or consignment pianos can be provided. If a new piano is loaned out, it’s no longer new for the next customer; furthermore, we can’t loan out other people’s property if it’s here on consignment.

The loaner piano will be tuned and prepped prior to delivery. Furthermore, Family Piano will provide up to one free piano tuning on the loaner piano every six months. If there are any other issues (like squeaky pedals, sticky keys, etc), repairs are covered under warranty. A technician will typically be sent out to fix any issues within about a week of being notified.

A few other rules are also in place during the loaner period:

  • Do not have any outside technicians tune or service the loaner piano.
  • Do not move the loaner piano, even within the home.
  • Do not place any nick-nacks, food or drinks on the loaner piano.

Customers are liable for any damages, and any necessary repairs will be invoiced. Moreover, customers are responsible for paying the full value of the piano if it is completely destroyed. Any such charges will need to be paid for prior to the purchased piano being delivered. We strongly recommend covering the loaner piano under a homeowners insurance policy.

Service Credit Policy

If a Family Piano technician comes to tune/service a customer’s piano, and it’s noticeably past its prime, we will recommend they think about an upgrade. However, no pressure will be made to purchase a piano from Family Piano.

That said, customers will be eligible to apply the tuning/service fee as credit towards their purchase of any acoustic piano at Family Piano within 90 days.

For example, a customer’s 1874 spinet may not be able to hold a tune anymore, but they’ll still have paid for a $300 service appointment. To help recuperate the money, they may then get their $300 tuning/repair bill back in the form of $300 off any acoustic piano at Family Piano.

Any piano trade-in we worked on and all our services and fees paid are eligible for this credit. Do note that pianos don’t necessarily need to be deteriorated to qualify for this credit. If they are though, they likely won’t qualify for trade-in credit.


Coverage & Claim Filing

In most cases and given proper maintenance, we do expect any given piano sold to last for several decades with minimal issues.

Every piano sold by Family Piano Co is thus happily covered by a warranty. In short, they all guarantee that when the piano arrives in your home, it’s going to be in the condition you expected.

All acoustic pianos are tuned and prepped right before they’re picked up for delivery. In most cases, the piano arrives in ready-to-play condition (the only major exception to this being in the case of interstate sales which are susceptible to longer delivery times).

In the case a piano doesn’t arrive as described, Family Piano will typically offer the customer:

  • Warranty service from a member of our tech team (if local)
  • Paid-for service by an authorized technician (if outside our service area) (Note: prior authorization will be required for invoices over $200)
  • Additional discount on the piano
  • Return and refund of the piano’s subtotal (buyer responsible for all shipping costs in most cases)

If the manufacturer’s warranty could be in effect, we’ll verify if the manufacturer will cover costs before beginning warranty work.

To file a warranty claim, customers only need to email with the piano’s serial number and a description of the issue.

FPC Standard Warranty


Family Piano Co’s warranty applies to most of our refurbished acoustic pianos sold to customers within our local service area.

Our standard warranty is valid for five years of coverage starting from the piano’s delivery date.

Do note that used digital pianos (not including floor or demo-condition digital pianos) may receive a reduced one-year warranty (or our 90 Day Guarantee). Similarly, pianos in our Budget Buy program are instead covered by our 90 Day Guarantee.

In any case, the specific warranty period of any piano will be noted on its in-store price tag, within the description of its online listing, and on the receipt upon purchase.

Manufacturer Warranty


All new pianos (whether acoustic or digital) are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranty.

Manufacturer’s warranties are valid from three to ten years of coverage (depending on the piano and the manufacturer) starting from the date you register the warranty.

Family Piano is authorized to perform warranty work on behalf of all partnered manufacturers locally, however a claim must be filed directly with the manufacturer first.

Visit your piano manufacturer’s site for details on your specific warranty:

90 Day Guarantee


Any piano sold to customers outside of Family Piano’s standard service area — and all designated pianos sold anywhere ie. ones in the Budget Buy program — will receive our 90 Day Guarantee instead of our standard warranty.

As with the standard warranty, Family Piano guarantees all pianos under this policy arrive as promised in their as-is condition. Any major issues will be disclosed upon sale. We also promise that all feasible repairs were made to slow any deterioration as much as possible. 

In the case that a piano doesn’t arrive as described, the customer then has 90 days from the date of delivery to inform Family Piano.

We highly recommend all interstate customers have their first in-home tuning done within these first 90 days. Customers may not be able to identify issues from the outside that a technician could upon examining the inside. Particularly, we want to ensure that there wasn’t any damage incurred anywhere on the piano during the longer freight delivery process.

Exceptions Not Covered

  • Regular maintenance such as tuning, voicing, regulation, and the repair of normal wear or electronic devices.
  • Cabinet or minor regulation-related issues (if reported 90 days after delivery) that may not have been caused by a lack of structural integrity. Warranty service will not be honored for any previously unseen scratches/cracks or newly developed sticky keys, for instance.
  • Damages caused by exposure to environmental conditions (ie. extremes in light, temperature, humidity).
  • Labor that wasn’t performed by Family Piano or other technicians we authorized beforehand.
  • Interstate sales outside of Family Piano’s service area. Please see the 90 Day Guarantee section for more relevant information.

Voiding of Warranty

  • Resold or gifted to someone else. Full warranty service is available exclusively to the original buyer. Some manufacturers may have transferable limited warranties though.
  • Piano moved outside of Family Piano’s service area. This does not apply to manufacturer warranties.
  • Serial number on the piano becomes unidentifiable.
  • Significant unauthorized labor was done, ie. string replacement, the installation of add-on systems, etc. Add-on systems particularly must be done by an authorized technician and are warrantied by the product’s manufacturer, not by Family Piano.


General Terms & Windows

Generally speaking, all pianos have a 14 day return window where they can be returned for any reason (in addition to their warranty that covers faults in the piano’s condition). Specifics are handled on a case-by-case basis due to more complicated logistics.

All non-piano items (including unweighted keyboards) have a 30-day return policy, which means customers have 30 days after receiving their orders to request a return. This can also be requested for any reason.

Buyers are generally responsible for covering the return shipping unless the item arrived in unexpected condition due to Family Piano’s fault (which is pretty rare).

A 15% restocking fee may be charged in instances where 1) returns were made outside of stated return window or 2) when signs of use are found. This is up to our discretion and exceptions may be made in special situations.

Procedure & Timeline

All items (including pianos) must be returned in original, as-fulfilled condition with all original packaging and no signs of use.

To start a return, customers can contact or submit the request directly if the transaction was completed online. If the return is accepted, customers are then responsible for safely shipping the item back to Family Piano (unless the item is a piano).

Once Family Piano receives the returned item, customers will be notified whether or not the refund was approved. If approved, customers are issued a full refund minus any shipping costs on their original payment method. If not approved due to signs of use, customers will typically only be eligible for a partial refund, the amount of which is decided on a case-by-case basis. The buyer may also opt to exchange their item or receive their refund in the form of a gift card/store credit.

This entire process may take anywhere from 1-4 weeks, depending on how long it takes carriers to deliver returns to us. Please note that it also takes time for your bank or credit card company to process and post refunds too.

Customers can also return items in-store. Similarly, just bring the item back in as-fulfilled condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. The receipt will be required for any return requests although if customers gave their information during checkout, an ID will suffice.


Instead of receiving a refund, buyers are also eligible for even exchanges.

In this case, the buyer may use 100% of the product’s sale price as store credit towards any other item (including a gift card). Customers can exchange up or down and Family Piano will invoice or refund the difference.

Family Piano also has a “Double Double” trade-up policy for the long-term exchange of all acoustic pianos. It states that 100% of the first piano’s sale price is applicable towards any new piano’s cost as long as it’s 2x the first piano’s price and within 2x the length of the first piano’s warranty. For example, a $5,000 piano with a 10 year warranty may be traded up to a $10,000 piano within 20 years — and receive the full $5,000 credit on it.

As in all other situations, the buyer will generally be responsible for covering any shipping/delivery costs.

Damage & Issues

Please contact us immediately if your order is defective or damaged. We will evaluate the issue and make it right.

For pianos of any kind, if there are technical issues upon arrival, we reserve the right to service the instrument before accepting a return.

Family Piano does ship all orders with insurance so carrier damage can be compensated. However, Family Piano will need to work with the carriers on the claim, and the refund will only be given once this process is complete.


Customers can request a cancellation for any reason and be eligible for a full refund so long as the order hasn’t been fulfilled. So please let us know immediately!

For piano sales, this means pickup hasn’t been scheduled which typically happens within 1-8 business days after purchase.

For non-piano items, orders are typically shipped within 1-2 business days of placing an order. If in store pick-up was selected, customers can cancel the order anytime before picking it up.

Non-Returnable Items

  • Past its window for returns, typically 14 days for pianos and 30 days for other merchandise.
  • Significantly used or damaged or otherwise returned in a condition it wasn’t sold in.
  • Clearance sale items which were sold as-is.
  • Special orders or personalized items usually can’t be returned.
  • Gift cards.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about any item’s eligibility for returns.

In the case of pianos that outside of their return window, Family Piano does sometimes take in pianos on consignment or through donations. Contact us for more information as this isn’t always available.


General Terms of Logistics

Upon purchasing a piano, Family Piano’s tech team will begin prepping the piano for delivery. This involves refurbishing the piano to our high standards and tuning the piano so it’s delivered in ready-to-play condition. Our refurbishing process typically gets done within a week but exact timing will vary depending on queued pianos and tech availability.

Any acoustic piano and all heavier digital pianos sold to customers within Family Piano’s local area will be delivered through Kevin’s Piano Movers. Total delivery time is generally 5-14 business days. Usual rates are $299-$399.

For out-of-state piano customers (also referred to as interstate sales), Family Piano will hire third-party piano movers to complete the final delivery. Total delivery time is generally 3-12 weeks. Usual rates are $1000-$1800.

Any orders for non-piano items to be shipped will be shipped through USPS or UPS. Family Piano does offer delivery or shipping anywhere outside of the 48 contiguous United States. Similarly, we do not ship to PO boxes, forwarding addresses or non-residential locations for the sake of liability.

If any item a customer has purchased is currently not in stock, Family Piano will give you an expected shipping time at checkout or by a follow-up email as soon as it’s available. We may also resort to canceling and fully-refunding the order.

Professional Piano Delivery

About Kevin’s Piano Movers

Kevin’s Piano Movers is our exclusive partner for piano deliveries within the Chicagoland area. They’ve been in business for over 20 years, have all the proper insurance, and are generally regarded as the best in the area.

Scheduling & Timeline

Once Family Piano’s tech team has finished refurbishing your piano, Kevin’s is notified that it’s ready for delivery.

Total delivery time is generally 5-14 business days. In most instances, we can have a piano prepped for delivery within 2-7 days. Kevin’s then usually schedules it within the following 2-7 business days. 90% of customers will see the piano in their homes within 1-2 weeks.

Kevin’s will call you directly to schedule a three-hour window for the delivery to take place. Piano delivery through Kevin’s Piano Movers is available from Monday to Friday; they do not typically deliver on the weekend.

Please note that Family Piano does not have control over Kevin’s schedule. If you have any scheduling questions — or any other questions regarding the details of your delivery — it’s best to contact Kevin’s directly at (847) 395-7048.

Delivery Rate & Fees

For local customers in the Chicagoland area, Family Piano collects:

  • $299 for upright and digital pianos
  • $399 for grand pianos up to 6ft
  • $499 for grand pianos over 6ft
  • + 5.5% sales tax for all piano deliveries to Wisconsin

Family Piano collects these estimated moving costs at the time of purchase. You will not need to pay Kevin’s separately; the only thing you will have to do is schedule the delivery. The movers do appreciate tips although it isn’t expected.

There are surcharges for distance; particularly if located further than 45 minutes away from either of Family Piano’s stores in Waukegan and Niles, IL. Note that you may also need to wait longer so Kevin’s can schedule an efficient route.

The standard rates cover up to 6 steps total with no added fees. For any more, each flight of stairs (defined as having 6+ steps) will be an additional $100 per.

Please disclose all relevant move information prior to your delivery day. Kevin’s needs to account for the proper amount of men and necessary equipment. Upon any surprises, Kevin’s will reschedule the appointment, and charge you 2x the fees before completing the delivery.

We highly recommend taking a video of you walking from the street to where you want the piano in your home, with adequate light. You can then share the video with Kevin’s by emailing it to

FPC Digital Delivery & Setup

Availability of Service

Depending on availability, Family Piano Co’s staff can deliver and set up digital pianos.

This service is available for customers 1) within our service area, and 2) who have purchased a digital piano that requires assembly. Bigger pianos will need to be delivered by professional movers, and smaller pianos can be picked up for free.

Scheduling & Timeline

Family Piano can typically arrange to deliver a digital piano within the same week it was purchased. We guarantee delivery within 10 days at most.

Total setup time is usually about an hour although that will vary depending on the model.

During setup, customers are encouraged to ask questions about their new piano and can even receive a short personalized demo.

In many cases, lighter digital pianos can be taken home by customers immediately after purchase for free. To express interest in this service instead, simply let your salesperson know.

Delivery & Setup Rate

For delivery and setup of a digital piano, we charge $99. This is in lieu of any other delivery fees.

There are no other fees (aside from tax if the customer is located in Wisconsin). Additionally, surcharges are rare since there are exceptions to the availability criteria.

Interstate Freight Piano Shipping

Third-Party Moving Partners

Shipping a purchased acoustic piano (or a heavier digital piano) will require third-party professional piano movers.

Family Piano only works with moving companies that specialize in moving pianos. This brings the risk of damage down to practically zero.

In most situations, we work with Walter’s Piano Transport.

Scheduling & Timeline

Total delivery time is generally 3-14 weeks. The interstate semi-truck moving company usually takes 2-4 weeks from the time we submit the request to pick up the piano from our loading dock. They then make the long-distance delivery to get it to a local loading dock which then makes the final delivery.

There aren’t any tracking numbers for regular delivery updates. However, we are generally notified when the piano reaches the local dock. From this point, the local movers will usually call you within 2-7 business days to schedule the final delivery.

While we do wish this process was faster, working with higher-volume, higher-speed freight companies isn’t a reasonable option. They don’t have the proper equipment or the experience to safely pack up, transport, and hand-off these instruments, particularly grand pianos.

Delivery Rates

To keep things simple, Family Piano collects a standard moving quote at the time of the piano’s purchase. The moving companies are then paid using our wholesale accounts.

The rates are as follows:

  • West Coast: $1200 for Uprights & $1600 for Grands
  • Midwest & East Coast: $900 for Uprights & $1200 for Grands

This quote does not cover any flights of stairs or tight spaces. Before we confirm the final price, we will ensure this is the case. Failure to disclose any relevant information will result in additional charges, which the buyer will be responsible for at the time of delivery.

On the other hand, Family Piano does not have economic nexus in any states other than Illinois and Wisconsin. This means that out-of-state customers won’t be charged taxes on deliveries (or on anything else). Do note this doesn’t apply on third-party marketplaces such as eBay and Reverb where the platforms collect taxes on our behalf.

In all cases, we strongly recommend contacting us before purchasing a piano at

Carrier Shipping

Most orders are shipped out the same day if they’re processed before 1:30PM CT, Mon – Fri, excluding holidays. Otherwise, the item will go out the following business day.

Shipments usually arrive within 2 – 10 business days. Please note this range may vary depending on your location. An estimated range will be provided at checkout along with the tracking number.

Only ground and economy shipping is available by default. In cases where buyers would like to receive items quicker, contact us for special arrangements.

Shipments may be sent via UPS or USPS. We do not ship to PO boxes, forwarding addresses, non-residential locations or anywhere outside of the contiguous US.

Local Pickup

When placing an order online, customers can elect to pick up orders and items that weigh under 100 lbs for free.

This rule applies to everything Family Piano sells. Notable exceptions include heavier digital pianos and all acoustic pianos, which instead require professional piano delivery.

All customers also qualify for this offer although it is only offered on Family Piano’s website to customers within Family Piano’s service area.

To coordinate a pickup, customers may select the in-store pick-up option during online checkout. A staff member from Family Piano will then reach out to schedule a suitable time. Customers may also elect to simply stop by although do note available business hours, and that the merchandise may not be available at both of our locations. If a customer has a preference for pickup location, do let us know via email as soon as possible!

Most orders will be ready for pickup same-day. Although, please note that we reserve the right to take up to 48 hours.

In the case that order was placed online (either directly through Family Piano’s website or on a third-party marketplace such as eBay or Reverb), and local pickup was not selected or available, customers can inform Family Piano and receive a refund upon the item’s pickup. This should be done as soon as possible via email to Otherwise, the order may be shipped and customers will be liable for the expense.

If an order has not been claimed within 15 days, the order will be canceled and refunded, and the item(s) will be made available for sale again by Family Piano.

In the case that a customer who purchased an acoustic piano or heavier digital piano insists on picking the instrument up themselves, they may do so only upon signing a liability waiver. This waiver states that immediately after signing, the order is complete and Family Piano is not responsible for any damage incurred (to the piano or to the customers) afterwards. This waiver is available upon request.

Note that most pianos will be sold in set-up condition. Even boxed digital pianos are available in very limited quantities. If a customer would like any two-part digital piano home console or acoustic piano reboxed, there will be a $200 reboxing fee. This is a process that takes 2-4 hours to complete, especially for these heavier pianos. 


90 Day Delayed Delivery

Local customers who want to take advantage of a promotion but don’t have anywhere to place the piano yet can elect for delayed delivery.

In these cases, Family Piano can offer to securely store and maintain any purchased piano for up to 90 days for free. This even includes an additional tuning pass to ensure the piano arrives in ready-to-play condition.

Customers may request delivery of their piano at any time during the 90 day period Family Piano will then prompt Kevin’s Piano Movers to schedule the delivery at the customer’s convenience.

The piano must be paid for in full or financed to take advantage of this program. Additionally, customers can cancel the order for any reason and receive a full refund.

The 90 day storage period will then begin on the date of purchase. If the customer wishes to extend the storage period, a storage fee may be charged on a monthly basis.


Accepted Payments

Family Piano accepts cash, personal and cashier’s checks, all major credit cards and outside financing.

Any piano paid for with cash or check qualifies for a 3% discount. This represents the savings in processing fees which we’re happy to pass onto you.

All pianos need to be fully paid-for or financed prior to delivery.

Sales Tax


In-store purchases are taxed according to the respective store’s local sales taxes (8.5% in Waukegan, 10.25% in Niles).

Online purchases are taxed according to local taxes of the delivery address.

Services are not taxed.


All purchases (including services) are taxed at a flat 5.5%.


Family Piano does not have an economic nexus in any other state. Therefore, no taxes will be collected for any purchases. Do check your local tax laws about your obligations.

Note that third-party marketplaces such as eBay and Reverb will collect taxes on our behalf. You can work with us directly to avoid this.


Family Piano offers easy financing through Allegro and Piano Credit Company. Customers are also welcome to find outside financing.

If applying with us in-store, the finance process usually takes about an hour. You can also apply to get pre-approved on our website’s Current Specials page.

We can typically offer 0% APR for 12 months, or a midrange interest rate for up to 84 months (upon approval). On occasion, financing specials are available as well. For more details, email us at

Ask Us Anything!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask! Simply use this form.

You can also call us at (847) 775-1988, email us at, or use our site’s chat.

And if you want to stop by, both our stores are open from 12 pm to 6 pm every day of the week!

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