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Now – May 31st: save 15-50% during our Spring Clearance Sale! All of our pre-owned pianos have been meticulously refurbished and are guaranteed by our warranty.

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New vs Used Piano: Worth the Price?

If you have a larger budget and want the comfort of an instrument that’ll last a lifetime, a new piano is certainly worth it.

If you want to save money and enjoy the character of an older instrument, a used piano can offer excellent value.

Find more detail in this short video by Living Pianos where Robert Estrin goes over the main pros and cons when evaluating new vs used pianos for sale!

The fallboard of an old Steinway grand piano with its wordmark in fancy lettering and a unique wood finish.

Play More, Pay Less

It’s no secret that new pianos can come with a hefty price tag. And just as a new car’s value depreciates, new pianos lose a lot of their initial value too.

Shop refurbished used pianos for sale, and you’ll see firsthand that quality doesn’t have to be expensive.

Vintage Vibes: Unique Character & Mature Tone

When you choose a used piano, you choose an instrument with its own personality.

Used pianos tend to have more distinct cabinets, and their aged soundboards resonate with more depth and warmth too. 

Grid of four unique used pianos for sale: Lakeside Player Upright, Ivers & Pond Grand, Story & Clark Prelude Grand and Kawai US75 Upright.

Used Pianos FAQ

How much is a used piano?

The price of a used piano can vary widely depending on several factors, including the piano’s brand, age, condition, size, and model. Essentially if it plays really well, a used piano’s price will reflect that directly. 

At Family Piano, a used upright piano starts at $799 in our Budget Buy program. Others that are fully-refurbished start at about $1,999. For taller and newer used upright pianos, they can go as high as around $6,000. 

Similarly, used grand pianos in our Budget Buy program start at $999, many are priced in the ballpark of $7,999, and a bigger and newer grand from a brand like Steinway can sell for $59,999

How to buy a used piano?

Buying a piano should be a fun and exciting process, but many dealers can put pressure on you—even when buying a used piano. 

Here are a few general stages for the piano shopping process so you can make sure to buy a used piano you love.

Research & Decide Preferences: Upright or grand? How much space do you have for a piano? What’s your budget? There’s a ton to learn about pianos, but you can start by learning how they work and brands to look for!

Visit Reputable Dealers: Find reputable dealers in your area, ideally ones that are rated highly and have technicians on-staff. Especially with used pianos, you want to make sure the pianos are in good condition!

Play Many Pianos: Here’s where you have fun playing a bunch of pianos. Even if you don’t play, you can play simple C chords and press down keys. Ensure it sounds and feels pleasant to you, and that everything works as it should.

Ask About the Piano: Where’d the piano come from? How was it maintained? Does it have any issues that should be disclosed? Is a warranty included? How will delivery work? A good dealer will make you feel at ease as they answer these necessary questions!

Buy & Enjoy Your Piano: Once you figure out price, payment and any potential financing, the piano should be delivered by professional movers safely. Once it arrives, make sure to keep it tuned and enjoy your new-to-you piano and the music it’ll bring to your home

What to look for when buying a used piano?

A piano has a lot of complicated mechanics inside that you won’t understand fully. When buying a used piano though, you definitely want to pay attention to them to ensure it’s in good condition. 

Age & Condition: Carefully assess the piano’s keys, strings, hammers, and pedals. You’ll also want to spot any cracks in the soundboard, rusted strings, worn out hamemr felts: these are all signs of significant wear. 

Brand & Model: Research reputable piano brands and models known for quality and durability. While brand isn’t everything in a piano, it is reassuring sticking to better-known piano manufacturers that are known for quality.

Tone & Touch: Play the piano to see if you like how it plays and feels. If you’re a beginner, you may not be able to understand your preferences yet. In this case, we’d highly recommend visiting a dealer so you can compare a bunch of pianos side-by-side.

History & Maintenance: Ask for maintenance records to understand the piano’s history, including tuning and repairs. Knowing previous owners can also be useful, particularly if the piano was in a school or owned by a very advanced pianist. In those cases, the piano may have been used heavily!

Professional Inspection: Consider having a qualified piano technician inspect the piano for any hidden issues before making your purchase. We highly recommend this for more expensive pianos especially—you want to ensure you’re making an informed purchase! 

Why Buy a Used Piano at Family Piano?

Family Piano Co management in front of piano showroom

Founder and head tech Alice Alviani (upper left) with vice president Linda Charboneau (right) and president Brendan Alviani (at piano).

Pianos You Can Trust

Every piano in our showroom is in the best condition it can be and backed by a warranty. Our piano technicians tune and service each piano when it arrives, while it’s here, and before it’s delivered to your home.

Stress-Free Shopping

Buying a piano should be fun! So we never get pushy or use sales tactics to “close deals.” Instead, we focus on education. Even if only curious about piano, we’d love to give you a tour and let you play as much as you want!

Worry-Free Ownership

Taking care of your piano can be daunting. That’s why we include a warranty with every purchase, and have a digital technician on-staff. And if you ever have any piano-related questions, advice is just a call away.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Every piano in our showroom is clearly labeled with the lowest prices you’ll find in the Chicago area. And if you do find a better price, we’ll match it – and still give you our unbeatable service and guarantees.

Experts You Can Rely On

Since opening in 2006, we’ve become the best-reviewed piano stores in the area. Our staff is full of piano lovers, and we have the largest team of techs in the Midwest. 

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