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An upright piano is a very popular choice for homes. They’re more compact than grands while still offering great sound and feel.

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Upright vs Grand Piano: Much Difference?

The main differences between an upright piano and a grand are their size, feel, tone and volume.

While upright pianos offer practicality in a more compact size, grands do generally give pianists the best playing experience possible.

Find more detail in this short video by Living Pianos where they cover the main differences between uprights, grands and even baby grands!

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Start Strong, Play Beautifully

Upright pianos can offer a strong foundation for beginners to learn and build a love for music on. 

Many pianists who start on a digital piano eventually upgrade to an upright piano anyway!

High-End Piano Features

Getting an upright piano with a player system or a silent system is an option many choose — and it’s a lot more affordable than getting a player grand!

Upright Piano with Player System & Headphones

Upright Piano FAQ

How much is an upright piano?

The cost of upright pianos will vary based on their brand, size, age, condition, and overall quality. Here’s a general price range to provide you with some idea:

Entry-Level: The most affordable upright pianos still suitable for beginners and families typically start around $2,000 to $5,000. These pianos offer quality sound and playability for those starting their musical journey.

Mid-Range: An upright that plays really well can range from $8,000 to $15,000. These pianos are often favored by committed or advancing pianists that can’t get a grand.

High-End: Premium prights with the best craftsmanship, all the best features, and the best playability can start from around $20,000 and go upwards.

It’s important to remember that an upright piano will also require maintenance, tuning and additional services.

What is an upright piano?

An upright piano, also known as a vertical piano, is a type of acoustic piano that stands vertically, with its soundboard and strings running vertically from the floor up.

It’s a compact and space-efficient alternative to the larger grand piano. As such, upright pianos are popular choices for homes, schools, and smaller performance venues due to their more modest size.

While upright pianos might not have the same level of sound projection as grand pianos, they still offer a rich and resonant tone that’s suitable for a wide range of musical styles and skill levels.

How wide is an upright piano?

The width of most upright pianos range from around 55 to 60 inches (140 to 152 cm), measured across the widest part of the piano.
Keep in mind these are approximate measurements and will vary between different pianos.

How much does an upright piano weigh?

Most upright pianos weigh around 300-500 lbs. Larger uprights or ones with player or humidity-control systems can even weigh up to 900 lbs.

The exact weight of an upright piano will vary based on its size, construction, and materials used.

When considering an upright piano, it’s important to take this weight into account, especially if you’re planning to move it.

How to move an upright piano across the room?

Moving an upright piano into a home requires careful planning, proper equipment, and usually professional assistance to ensure both the safety of the piano and those involved.

Even for moving a piano within a home, you’ll want to exercise a lot of caution! Usually a piano’s wheels aren’t good enough to roll easily, and they can scratch your floors.

At minimum, you’ll need a heavy-duty dolly and 3 people: 2 to lift the piano, and 1 to place the dolly.

Basically you’ll want to place the dolly in front of the piano, parallel to its width. Have the two people lift the piano, and have another person slide the dolly underneath.

When moving the piano, make sure the two lifters keep their hands on it at all times! Then just lift the piano again and have the third person pull out the dolly when you get it where you want it.

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