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Steinway: The Most Impressive Name in Piano

Steinway makes some of the highest-end grand pianos. They’re a brand with real heritage and prestige — so a used Steinway has tremendous value!

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New Steinway Grands Are Expensive

We think a lot in this video is largely applicable to other pianos — and used Steinway pianos don’t appreciate in value either. . .

. . . but there’s no doubt that their grands are some of the best pianos money can buy — even if not value-conscious for most people.

Steinway Model B Grand Piano in Home

Welcome to the High End

If you’re looking for best piano money can buy, a Steinway & Sons Grand Piano is a pretty safe bet. 

They’re meticulously regulated for a consistent, well-balanced feel. They sound particularly rich. And they’re just highly-respected and preferred pianos overall! 

Most Popular Concert Grand

Visit any major concert hall, and you’ll usually see a Model D 9’0 Concert Grand Piano on the stage. 

Over 1,600 of the best pianists on the planet are designated Steinway Artists too. Professionals just love the consistency of playing on their pianos!

Steinway Concert Grands in a Performance Hall during a 5 Browns Concert
Steinway Piano Four Undeniable Reasons Ad from 1905

American Heritage 

Founded in New York on March 5, 1854, Steinway is over 170 years old, and 1 of 3 American piano manufacturers left.

While their brand is centered around prestige, it’s their heritage that stands out to us, being credit with quite a few innovations that shaped the modern piano.  

History of Steinway


1853: Founded in New York

Henry E Steinweg

In 1836, Heinrech Engelhard Steinweg built his first piano in the kitchen of his home in Seesen, Germany.

Having become a locally renowned furniture and instrument maker, he immigrated to the United States with his family in 1850, with the dream of building the perfect piano.

Three years later, he changed his name to Henry Steinway and founded Steinway & Sons. 


1860s - 1900s: Perfecting the Piano

Modern Steinway Grand Piano Action with Tubular Action Frame invented by C.F. Theodore Steinway

As far as piano making, Henry’s sons, Henry Jr. and Theodore, are responsible for many of the company’s biggest innovations.

Most notably, they perfected overstringing and bridge placement, fortified the iron frame, and introduced metal action frames. 


1880: Factory in Hamburg, Germany, Opens

Steinberg Piano Factory in Hamburg

Within 30 years, the Steinway family had built an innovative, world-renowned piano.

During the same time, a third son, William, had begun marketing efforts to put a piano in every parlor.

As a result of their success, they opened their second factory to serve the European market. 


1938: 300,000th Steinway in White House

300,000th Steinway Piano in White House

Like all other American piano companies, Steinway sales suffered during the Great Depression

Obviously, they were able to recover and persevere. The 300,000th Steinway was even gifted to the White House the same year. 

Given their heritage and prestige, Steinway is firmly the most pronounced American piano maker. 


Today: Steinway's a Prized Piano Brand

Steinway Piano Vault

Since their early history, Steinway’s built one of the most expensive pianos in the world, introduced their Spirio player system and reached their 600,000th piano milestone.

While most known for being very expensive, it can’t be denied that they make some of the most celebrated pianos worldwide.

Used Steinway Pianos FAQ

How much is a Steinway piano?

The price of a Steinway piano will vary depending on the model, size, age, and condition.

They’re known for producing high-quality pianos, and their instruments are often considered top-tier.

Steinway Grand Pianos Cost:
Baby Grands: Start around $70,000 to $90,000.
Mid-Size Grands: Start between $80,000 and $150,000.
Model D 9’0 Concert Grand: MSRP at $217,300 (as of 2024).

Steinway Upright Pianos Cost:
Essex & Boston Uprights: Start around $7,000 to $20,000
Steinway Uprights:
Start around $30,000 to $40,000.
Model K 52″ Upright: MSRP at $51,600 (as of 2024).

If you’re interested, you can request new Steinway piano prices on their website. Again, actual costs will be determined by specific dealer, location, any customizations, etc.

If you’re considering a used Steinway piano, prices can be a fraction of the cost with much of the same benefits. Just make sure to consult with reputable piano dealers.

Where are Steinway pianos made?

Steinway & Sons pianos are made in one of two places: Astoria, New York or Hamburg, Germany.

The company claims both factories are essentially identical in craft and process although there are pianists that claim there are some distinctions in tone.

How many Steinway pianos are made each year ?

Around 3,400 pianos are made by Steinway between their New York and Hamburg factories. (Source: The Brander: Steinway & Sons – Grand Success)

The number certainly can vary year-to-year though, and other sources claim about 2,000 grand pianos and 500 upright pianos are produced per year. (Source: Steinway Piano Gallery: 159 Facts About Steinway and the Pianos They Build)

Are Steinway pianos the best?

Steinway & Sons is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and respected piano manufacturers globally.

They are good pianos without a doubt. They’re carefully built and skillfully assembled, and they sound and feel great as a result.

It’s also worth noting their Model D grand is often the choice for concert halls, recording studios and professional pianists. Tons of expert pianists are sponsored Steinway Artists and big fans of their pianos.

All this said, other high-quality piano brands certainly have their own admirers too. So a singular “best piano brand” doesn’t really exist, and everyone has their own tastes and needs.

We encourage everyone to try a variety of pianos, including used Steinways and pianos from other brands, to determine which is the best for you.

Our favorite alternative: Kawai Pianos vs Steinway Pianos

Are Steinway pianos worth the money?

If you love it and it inspires you to play more and better, yes, a Steinway piano is worth the money.

Value is certainly subjective. And for instruments as expensive as new Steinway pianos, we certainly understand that their price will be hard to justify for many people.

Personally, we’d recommend the value of our used Steinway pianos for most pianists (particularly families and beginners). You get a piano representative of their heritage and world-class build, fully refurbished with authentic parts, backed by a warranty, and all at a fraction of the cost.

More on pricing: How Much Does A Piano Cost?

Do Steinway pianos appreciate value?

No, non, nein, niet, nee. No where, under no conditions, ever at any time, has a regular Steinway piano appreciated in value.

This is a dangerous myth started by their marketing efforts. While they claimed their pianos hold value or gain value annually, this only seems true due to inflation (we’re being charitable by not calling it a blatant lie).

Unless it is a rare, limited edition or historically significant, you won’t sell any used piano for more money than you bought it for.

A Steinway piano is a good instrument, not a good investment.

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