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Casio: Make Learning Feel Like Playing

Casio digital pianos have many of the same features that make their keyboards so popular and a more realistic piano action.

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Casio Pianos: Inspired & Inspiring

Casiotone Keyboards

Designed for exploring music, Casiotones offer a variety of sounds, rhythms, and learning features inside a compact keyboard.

Privia Digital Pianos

Want more authentic piano playing? Privia digital pianos feature feature weighted-and-graded keys and high-quality piano tones.

Celviano Grand Hybrids

Casio’s most advanced digital pianos. They mimic acoustic piano playing as closely as possible — even sampling concert grands.

Casio Privia PXS1100 Digital Piano in Home Playing Music

Music at Your Fingertips

On feature-rich models, you can choose from hundreds of different sounds and rhythms to keep practice exciting. Select a favorite tone or two from the 100s available, turn a note into a chord to easily play progressions, turn on a backing rhythm, and enjoy making music immediately!

Some of the Best Digitals Under $1,000

With all the features Casio offers, including a respectable sound system and their weighted-and-graded action, their digital pianos shine in the entry-level.

Casio logo against a blue background with a variety of digital pianos.

History of Casio


1946 - 1957: Founding & World's 1st Compact Electric Calculator

Casio Kashio Four Brothers Founders

A parts processor from an early age, Tadao Kashio set up his own business in Tokyo in 1946: Kashio Seisakujo (Kasho Factory in English).

Then after creating the the world’s first compact all-electric calculator, the 14-A, Tadao and his brothers created Casio Computers Ltd in 1957, Tadao becoming the president three years later.




1974: Casiotron QW02 - World's 1st Electronic Watch with Automatic Calendar

Casiotron QW02 Digital Watch

This was the first watch released by Casio, and it was the first to have a calendar that accounted for each month having different days — and even leap years!

Casio then continued making many more multi-functional digital watches, integrating much of the tech they developed making calculators.


1980: Casiotone 201 - World's 1st Keyboard with Various Instrument Tones

Casiotone 201 Keyboard

Toshio Kashio developed a sound engine that recreated 29 sounds such as piano, organ, harp and trumpet. 

When Casio put it inside their Casiotone 201, it became the first time anyone could recreate the sounds of other instruments with a keyboard.

This was also the beginning for making musical instruments at Casio.


2003: Casio Releases Privia Digital Piano Series

Casio Privia PX100 Digital Piano

Throughout the late 20th century, Casio kept on inventing new technologies for keyboards such as easy sampling and light-up keys.

They had also released their Celviano series: the high-end of their keyboards and a few bulky digital pianos.

Launching the new Privia “Private Piano” series, Casio’s PX-100 aimed at replicating an acoustic piano inside a compact and affordable digital for the first time.


Today: Casio Continues to Innovate & Inspire

Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid Pianos

As far as keyboards and digital pianos go, few brands today are as well-known as Casio. 

They’ve continued to try to make it easy for anyone to enjoy making music.

They’ve also continued to push the boundary for what a digital piano can be, as seen in their latest Privia digitals which boast the slimmest and most-modern designs in the industry. 

Casio Pianos FAQ

How much is a Casio piano or keyboard?

Casio offers a wide range of options to suit different budgets and needs! So the cost of a Casio piano or keyboard will vary based on the model, features, and size. 

Casio Digital Pianos: For those looking for a more authentic piano experience, Casio digital pianos range from around $530 to over $4,500. These models often come with weighted keys, more realistic piano sounds, and additional features.

Casio Keyboards: Casio keyboards, often designed for budding music makers, can go for around $70 to about $500. These keyboards are compact and come with various built-in sounds and learning features.

Are Casio pianos good?

Yes, Casio digital pianos are good pianos, known for providing good quality and value.

Casio digital pianos often come with a variety of instrument sounds, built-in learning tools, and realistic touch response.

Casio has made significant advancements in digital piano technology over the years, offering instruments that are reliable, affordable, and feature-rich.

While they might not be on the same level as high-end acoustic pianos, they offer a great starting point for individuals who are new to playing the piano.

For beginners, families, and those looking for an affordable option, Casio pianos can be an excellent choice.

Discover which is best for you: Casio Keyboard and Piano Buyer’s Guide

How to fix a Casio piano or keyboard?

Fixing a Casio piano or keyboard will depend on the specific issue you’re facing. Here are some general steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially fix common problems:

1. Check Cables: If your instrument isn’t powering on, ensure the keyboard is properly connected and powered on. Make sure all cables are plugged in securely. 

2. Restart or Reset: For software issues, try turning the keyboard off, unplugging it, waiting a minute, and then plugging it back in and turning it on. If the keyboard still isn’t not responding properly, consider performing a factory reset as per the manual’s instructions.

3. Check the Manual: Refer to the user manual that came with your Casio piano or keyboard. It might have troubleshooting tips and solutions for other common issues.

4. Contact Support for Repair: Most times, it is best to consult a professional. So if the problem persists, reach out to Casio’s customer support or an authorized service center. They can provide guidance or arrange for repairs if needed.

Need some help? Family Piano Co is authorized for Casio repair near Chicago

How many keys does a Casio keyboard have?

Casio keyboards typically come in a range of sizes, each with a different number of keys. The most common configurations are:

61 Keys: Many entry-level Casio keyboards have 61 keys. These keyboards are very compact and great for keyboardists focused on music making on the go.

76 Keys: Some Casio keyboards feature 76 keys. These provide a bit more range and versatility compared to 61-key models.

88 Keys: Casio also offers digital pianos with 88 keys, which is the standard number of keys on an acoustic piano. These keyboards typically aim to replicate the feel and range of a real piano.

Can you use a Casio keyboard as a MIDI controller?

Yes, many Casio keyboards can be used as MIDI controllers. MIDI capabilities and connections will vary depending on the specific Casio keyboard model though, and some may not offer it as a feature.

Casio keyboards equipped with MIDI connectivity can send MIDI data, such as note information, velocity, and control messages, to external devices. This means you can use your Casio keyboard to control virtual instruments, recording software, and other MIDI-compatible equipment on your computer.

For more information, refer to the keyboard’s manual for instructions on how to use it as a MIDI controller.

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