Music should be accessible to everyone, so whether you want to buy your first keyboard, a seven-foot concert grand piano, or anything in between, we want to make that process as easy as possible for you.

At Family Piano, we offer all of our brand’s latest specials and competitive financing from multiple partners. Plus, we beat all MSRP prices, to the point where they’re the lowest possible. But if you do ever find a better price, we’ll match it — and you’ll still get our unbeatable service and guarantees!

We want piano shopping to be fun and educational — not stressful. Schedule an appointment or contact us to learn more about any of our current specials or financing partners!


We like working with brands that offer specials you can easily take advantage of. Because on top of our low prices, that means you can rest assured you’re always getting the best deal possible.

Any time we have an available special, discount or rebate — we’ll publish it here. You can click on any of the descriptions for more information or call us with any questions.

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Piano Credit Company’s Special Buydown Terms

Ends March 31, 2021

Piano Credit Company is offering 6.99% APR for 36 or 60 months! This special applies toward the purchase of any and all pianos. Whether digital or acoustic, upright or grand, new or used — absolutely everything qualifies.

10% down payment required. Rates and terms may vary. All loans are subject to credit review, underwriting guidelines, verification of identity, and approval.

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Free Pianote Lessons with Roland Piano Purchases


Turn your piano goals into a reality with three months of free piano lessons, compliments of Pianote, the ultimate online piano lessons experience.

If you own a Roland piano, you’ll get unlimited access to everything inside Pianote—from step-by-step lessons, to detailed song tutorials, and even access to live lessons and support from real piano teachers.

Simply register your piano and you’ll receive a link to sign up, no credit card required.

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3% Check Discount on ALL Pianos


Whenever we swipe a credit card, we have to pay 3% of it in processing fees. So if you can pay in check, cash, or a money order instead, we’re more than happy to pass the savings on and make your deal even sweeter!

Applied on piano’s subtotal; not including any sales tax or delivery fees.


Because everyone’s situation is different, we like to offer a few financing options. 

Regardless of which route is best for you, our entire inventory of pianos is available* for financing; whether new or refurbished, acoustic or digital, big or small, Kimball or Kawai or anything else. 

Click on any of the descriptions below to pre-apply now. All our partners submit soft pings that won’t have any impact on your credit score — plus it’s free to do, and you’ll get a decision promptly.

Allegro Credit Piano Financing, Waukegan IL - Family Piano Co

The main financing partner for the piano industry! Allegro Credit makes it relatively easy for you to own the piano of your dreams.

Standard rate is a mid-range 9.99% and they typically ask for 10% down, although you can always do more than that. 

They do require decent credit, but it doesn’t hurt to apply even if you’re working on it.

Allegro Credit Piano Financing, Waukegan IL - Family Piano Co
You can apply for a personal loan from Consumers Credit Union quickly and easily.

Secured loans  start around 3% APR; unsecured loans are around 11.99%.

Your financial institution may offer a similar (or better) program so that might be worth looking into as well!

Allegro Credit Piano Financing, Waukegan IL - Family Piano Co

Founded by keyboard industry veterans, Piano Credit Company is a subdivision of the United Midwest Savings Bank, a top 15 SBA lender nationwide.

They generally have highly competitive fixed interest rates, no pre-payment penalties, free online pay and live customer support available.

Marlin Commercial Equipment Financing Logo
A well-established and public company, Marlin does NOT finance individuals, but rather makes it easy for schools, churches and private business to acquire musical equipment.

Loans from Marlin typically don’t need personal guarantees or co-signers, and usually get approved in as little as 24 hours.

Allegro Credit Piano Financing, Waukegan IL - Family Piano Co
Not technically a financing offer, but we should also mention our rent-to-own program.

I don’t know if my child will stick with the piano…” is the most common concern we hear so we designed this program for those families who are just starting out.

Minimal amount of money down, modest and upfront fees, and just a three-month-minimum commitment with easy returns after that. No obligation or pressure to buy either! 

We refurbish all of the pianos we put on this program, and we guarantee they’re great for all budding pianists!

Read more about our rent-to-own program or contact us to schedule an appointment!

Financing at the time of purchase usually takes about an hour. *A minimum of $1,000 must be financed in most cases. Terms will vary depending on credit qualification. Offers can be used in conjunction with most other specials and with all accepted payment methods (all credit cards, debit cards, cash, and checks).

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