Advantages to Kawai Pianos

Amazing Carbon Fiber Actions

All of Kawai’s acoustic pianos feature ABS-Styran.  This space-age material means the wood does not swell and contract with humidity, allowing the action to stay much more precise for a longer period of time. Kawai has been using ABS-Styran (and later, carbon fiber reinforcement) since 1970, making continuous improvements to their action for improved control, responsiveness, and overall touch.

Renowned Reputation

Kawai just celebrated 90 years of making high-quality pianos. The editor of, Larry Fine, wrote thatIn part because the touch is so good, Kawai grands are often sought by classical pianists as a less-expensive alternative to a Steinway or other high-end piano.” Because they’re always in demand, we find that they retain their resale value better than most brands on the secondary market. They offer some of the best performance out there, at a very reasonable price.

Over 45 Major International Awards

Kawai is one of the most celebrated manufacturer’s on the planet for their innovations with both acoustic and digital pianos. They recently won the 2016 MMR Product of the Year – this is the top product for ALL of the music industry, including guitars, harmonicas, pieces of music software, and more. Here’s a link to the full list of their awards.

Best-Selling Kawai Grand Pianos


Kawai GL-10

Available – In Stock

Kawai’s most affordable grand piano comes packed with premium features, like Kawai’s most advanced Millenium III action, full sostenuto pedal, solid spruce soundboard and more. A wide variety of finishes and player-system configurations are available.

Kawai GX-2

Available – In-Stock

One of Kawai’s greatest instruments, in a size that’s comfortable for most homes. Features the Konsai Kotagi blended-wood rim, vertically-laminated bridges, precision-tapered solid spruce soundboard, dual-duplex scaling, solid brass agraffes, and more – it all adds up to an instrument with an incredible sound and feel.

Best-Selling Kawai Upright Pianos

Kawai 506N

Available – In Stock

At the price of some used pianos, the 506N from Kawai is also one of our favorites for sound and touch. One of our best sellers!

Kawai K-200

Available – In Stock

Performance-grade instrument with Kawai’s latest Millenium III action, double-felted hammers, adjustable bench, and more.

Kawai K-400

Available – In-Stock

A premium upgrade from the K-200, this taller model also features a grand-style music desk and fallboard.

Best-Selling Kawai Digital Pianos

Kawai CN-37

Available – In Stock

Very realistic RHIII action, great sounding speakers, and a ton of useful speakers make this one of our best-selling mid-range digitals.

Kawai CA-67

Available – In Stock

Performance-grade instrument with Kawai’s latest wooden keystick Grand Feel II action, latest Harmonic Imaging XL sound samples, powerful 100 watt speaker system and a set of controls for dialing in the exact sound you want.

Kawai CS-11

Available – In-Stock

Everything you love about the CA-67, plus a real wooden soundboard and a powerful speaker system that gives unparalleled realism to your sound. Comes in an Polished Ebony case that looks just like a real acoustic piano.

Learn More About Kawai

Did you know that Koichi Kawai, the founder of Kawai Pianos, was the first person in Japan to build a piano action? He worked as the head technician for a fledgingly Mr. Yamaha, until  that company went in a direction that Koichi didn’t like. So in 1927, Mr. Koichi Kawai started his own company, one still run by family today… Read more…

There is no finer resource for learning about pianos than Larry Fine’s site and related books/magazines. We require all new employees to read the book, so that everyone on the team has a foundation of knowledge for when working with customers. If you’re the type to do your homework on a purchase, I encourage you to enrich yourself (for free!) at Mr. Fine’s website.

Kawai also has detailed information about all their instruments on their website, as well as an excellent Youtube channel, with useful demonstrations of the features of most products currently in production.

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