Hailun Pianos (Brand Highlight)

May 7, 2018
The Hailun Piano Company is famous for manufacturing high-quality pianos. What isn’t as well known is that over the years, Hailun has invested heavily in Japanese digital equipment and production lines. In doing so, Hailun has successfully merged high-tech production with the best artistic and revolutionary assembly processes, unifying in their beautiful pianos both the European and American piano traditions, and resulting in a stupendous line of world-renowned pianos.  Hailun’s upright and grand pianos have garnered a tremendous amount of respect, admiration, and worldwide acknowledgement from both performers and audiences alike. Hailun today has more than 800 dealers all over the world, standing behind their goal of being everywhere for everyone. We obviously stand behind this prestigious piano company since we stock their pianos, but we’d love to explain just exactly why we’re so passionate about them.

History of Hailun

The story of the Hailun Piano Company is that of love, a lot of work, and a little bit of luck. Mr. and Mrs. Hailun Chen met while attending the Piano Technology School in Beijing. They fell in love with each other, as well as for the nit-grit of the piano world. The Hailun Piano Company was soon after co-founded with the Chinese government, and started producing piano parts to piano manufacturing companies across China. They quickly created a name for themselves, representing accuracy and the most sought out high-quality semi-assembled pianos. When Chen bought the remaining portion of the company in 1986, the owner-run factory began producing very impressive fully assembled pianos that defied the trend of cheap Chinese manufacturing. In 2000, Hailun stopped selling piano parts to other manufacturers, and instead, Mr. Chen focused on assembling a team of world-renowned technicians, engineers, and manufacturing experts from all over the globe to create the best pianos in the world (ie. Peter Veletzky, a prominent Viennese craftsman from a prodigal family with a century’s piano making expertise, George F. Emerson, the well-known American piano designer, Zlatkovic Sibin, a Viennese piano tuning and voicing specialist, and Ema Shigeru, a brilliant Japanese production specialist). The result, of course, has been nothing short of lustrous, with numerous different exquisite pianos, complete with impeccable sound and feel.

Learn more about Hailun’s history from Hailun USA’s CEO, Basilios Strmec, in the short video below.

High-Quality Construction

Besides them being backed up by famous pianists and performance halls, Hailun pianos do stand up on their own. This is in part because they feature the best materials. We encourage anyone to compare the specifications of the highest-end pianos to those of the Hailun HU-5P, their renowned upright model. It’s immediately apparent that they share more similarities than differences. The following list is just a few of the highlights that you’ll find in common with pianos from the likes of Bösendorfer or Steinway.
  • German Röslau Strings
  • Real Ebony Wood for the Black Keys
  • Wet Sand-Cast Full-Perimeter Plates
  • Quarter-Sawn Spruce Ribs
  • 17-layer Maple Pinblock
  • Mountain Spruce Soundboard (w/ 15° Meniscus for Durability and Flexibility)
  • Adjustable Bench with Storage Space
What’s more is that parts that should be given a great deal of attention — such as the soundboard which acts as the “soul of the piano” — are! Hailun really gets it right when it comes to providing first-class materials, and hand-crafted quality.

PianoPricePoint has a fantastic blog post about their visit to Hailun’s factory in China we invite you to read!

International Recognition & Awards

 On February 7th, 2006, CCTV reported that Hailun’s pianos had entered into the mainstream piano market with a quality instrument that met European standards. Since then, many prestigious European institutions now experience the quality and performance of Hailun: University of Music Austria, University of Music Brussels, Conservatories Paris, Chamber Hewry Wood Hall London, Wienen Music Seminar Vienna, and Musikverein Vienna. Hailun’s upright and grand pianos have continued to garner respect, admiration, and worldwide acknowledgement from both performers and audiences alike. 
    Hailun USA - Aspire to a Higher Performance - List of Awards - Family Piano Co, Waukegan IL
    • 2006: Hailun’s grand piano showcases in the Golden Concert Hall in Vienna for the European Chinese Association Peace Celebration. This was the first time a Chinese made piano had been featured in the Viennese Golden Concert Hall.
    • 2006: Hailun Piano receives the prestigious “China’s Top Brand Name” award. This is an immense acknowledgement to commemorate Hailun’s achievements. 
    • 2006: The Denmark Royal Family selects a Hailun piano to use in Royal Palace in 2006. Hailun Piano was chosen again and won fame for their pianos. Delighted with this achievement, Hailun Company continues to make great efforts in innovations and advancement.
    • 2007: The Hailun 277 Professional Concert Grand Piano chosen by both, world renowned pianist, Lang Lang, and one of the greatest pianists from Sweden, Robert Wales, for the Beijing Olympic celebration party. 
    • 2008: Hailun Piano chosen for 2008 Olympic performance and awarded the International Six Golden Star Medal by the European authority music magazine DIAPASON. It was the first time that a Chinese piano was awarded such a high honor in the world-leveled European authority piano contest.
    • 2009: Hailun Piano Company is authorized as a national leveled industrial culture demonstrative site, and a national culture export keystone company. 
    • 2011: Hailun Piano is awarded as Upper level in Consumer-Grade Pianos by the Piano Buyer Magazine. 
    • 2012: Hailun Piano is awarded as Upper level in Consumer-Grade Pianos by the Piano Buyer Magazine for the second time.
    • 2012: Hailun wins the Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year” for their HU5P at the 20th Annual Dealer’s Choice Awards.
    • 2013: Hailun Piano is awarded as Upper level in Consumer-Grade Pianos by the Piano Buyer Magazine for the third time. 
    • 2013: Hailun wins MMR’s “Acoustic Piano Line of the year” for the Hailun Grand HG178.
    • 2014: Hailun wins MMR’s “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year” for the Hailun Grand HG178.
    • 2015: Hailun is given MMR’s “Legacy Award”, and the Hailun HG178 Concert Grand Piano is recognized in the Hall of Fame, becoming the first acoustic grand piano to be in MMR’s Hall of Fame.
    • 2016: Hailun Chen and his wife win the Austrian Schumpeter Prize for their innovative spirit. The Schumpeter Prize is awarded in recognition of contributions in the field of economics and politics.
    • 2017: Hailun wins “Acoustic Piano Line of the year” for the entire Hailun Piano Line.
    • 2018: Hailun wins Music Inc.’s Editors Choice Award during the 2018 NAMM (National Association of Musical Merchandise) show.
    • 2019: The Guiness World Record for Largest Number of People Playing Pianos is won in Xiamen, China, using 777 Hailun pianos.

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