How YOU Can Get “What Everyone Wants!”

March 20, 2019
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So, what DOES everyone want? Happiness? Peace? Salvation? Talent? Great health? Great love? Great bank account? Great karate chops? Award-winning pork chops? Great musical chops?

How about “enough time” for “All of the Above?”


In writing these posts, I draw mostly upon what I’m trying to tell myself. Yes, I too suffer from funky dysfunctional moods that I must be talked out of, just like everybody else. When I’ve shared my encouraging thoughts with my kids over the years, or their friends, or “my” boy scouts, students, friends, and others in my circle of influence, they tell me I’m helpful. I know that, but only because I’ve needed the same pep talks too! Usually my “help” to them is primarily a pep talk to myself! Like writing this!


So how DO you get “what everyone wants?”

First of all, make some personal goals and prioritize them. Duh. Keep reading. Seeing them in writing helps me see the first steps on my journey in that direction. 

Secondly, and most importantly, face head-on what’s in your head holding YOU back. Usually this resistance stems from some version of “entitlement thinking” that you “should” already HAVE what you DON’T (or what you THINK you don’t have “any” of already!).

Also, that everything is “black or white,” that you either have “it” perfectly or not at all. Rationally, this is silly of course, but without “turning the lights on upstairs” and following through with the commitment, this is how most people function. This is not however, how to move forward on your goals.


Let’s start with great health, because it is so HUGE. Billions of people wish for it.

Many try to buy great health, paying money (and perhaps even some of your ultimate “currency” of TIME) for every latest shortcut or magic-bullet that flits past them like a butterfly. These gurus-gone-salespeople mostly have vastly more money than you or I. They appear “successful” so they must know what they’re talking about, right? 

There have been enterprising individuals throughout history who have done well by telling everyone what they want to hear! Most paths – even placebos – have some genuine merit, thus enough credibility to sell you on THIS idea, as opposed to the many others vying for your limited time and attention.

Sorry folks, there are few if any magic-bullet easy shortcuts.

Happiness is more than a simplistic recipe, and lasting peace more than a slogan on a plaque you hang. Beauty is more than that expensive little jar. The Emperor is indeed butt-naked.

“It” (whatever your “its” are) lives within YOU, and requires slow and steady effort, which a lot of people have convinced themselves is too much trouble, not do-able, or that they are somehow the one exception on the planet entitled to a simple life.

The best gurus didn’t coast down Easy Street either, no matter what they look like now. Deep down, most people realize this basic truth, even while shopping for shortcuts.

This is human nature, so don’t beat yourself up:  Instead, take tiny steps towards where you want to go.

Many of us figured out the “recipe” for school success at a young age: Do enough good things to pass their tests, and don’t do enough bad things to torpedo yourself. Simply “keep your nose clean.” Result is good grades and lot of praise for all this “hard work.”

For me, the hard work was sitting still and quiet 6 hours a day, pretending to pay attention and not express my profound boredom. Thus, I was entitled to good grades, because that was the deal.

We learned to expect – even be entitled to – reasonable success in whatever we did, since “it was only fair.” Long as we would “go with their program,” it’s all gonna be easy to get the good grades, or at least our feelings wouldn’t be hurt too much when we failed. 

Then we’re hit with LIFE in adulthood.  If we’re lucky, we’re faced with the challenges of rearing kids, often grandkids, to follow this same recipe, except tailored for the Millennials’ learning styles.

Now that I look back over 60 years, I wonder more every year if we’re crippling our kids with coddling them in the name of “love.”  These topics for another day of totally unscientific arm-waving: Please comment with some of your thoughts!


Then comes old age (again, if we’re lucky), which is NOT for the faint of heart, I tell you! All kinds of “warranties” start running out. A lot of things (like a simple life, health, good grades, time to take up new interests) that we took for granted as eternal – simply are not.

We know of more and more friends and family who have “hit the great finish line” in this race we call life. Many wished for more time to further whatever they were working on. Many more didn’t quite start their “important projects” because they had believed they couldn’t finish them perfectly. 

You all know I own a music store with a fun and dynamic lesson program, so I have to circle this rambling blog back around specifically to the VERY common dream that MOST people have – which is to MAKE MUSIC!

Those of us who DO make music UNDERSTAND the allure, the deep craving, the importance to overall health and well-being, and SO much more!  

We ENCOURAGE YOU TO GIVE IT A SHOT! No “talented” experience or profound enlightenment required, just a willingness to try.

You WILL succeed to some extent, mostly by the rule of 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration, because you are not nearly as lame at music (or the other great stuff in the first paragraph) as you’re convinced of! You’ll probably enjoy it most of the time, but feel satisfaction every step forward. 

I’ve been going to homes tuning pianos for over 25 years now, and if I had a nickel for every young parent who wishes their mom had made them stick with music lessons, especially piano lessons, to get past some early “speed bump,” I could afford to GIVE you ALL pianos! I manage to come pretty close because I sincerely want to make the world a better place!

Family Piano and other music teachers around the world see daily the profound benefits that successful music lessons bring to SO MANY PEOPLE! Why not YOU?

Please consider beginning to make music if you don’t now, or return to making music if you’ve drifted away. Start your kids and grandkids. REAL scientific studies have proven tremendous benefits to all, especially to people you’d least expect.

No matter what your goals are — you won’t be perfect right away, but life really IS a journey not a destination.

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