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January 10, 2019
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My father’s family enjoyed deliberately mispronouncing things like, “hysterical society” (Historical Society). They also often said, “Time Fidgets” instead of “Tempus Figidus,” which is Latin for “time flies.” This phrase used to be commonly heard, and even appeared on clock faces! Personally, I prefer, “Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.” I guess this nut didn’t fall far from the family tree.

Over the years, many folks have asked me to write regular blog articles, and New Years seems like a good time to finally start. I

hope you’ll enjoy my diverse thoughts: Many, but not all, may be about music, health, growth and balance. I probably won’t be able to write one every week. I’m still very much a work in progress myself (aren’t we all!), so please understand that my sensible “Mom-advice” is usually directed at myself as much as anyone. The older we get, the more often we have to be our own Mom to git-er-done.


Today, I’ll talk about priorities and how to make the time for incremental progress on those New Years’ goals. Over time, tiny but regular incremental progress adds up to HUGE progress, so don’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

Envision a circle, with you in the middle. Draw a line from where you stand in the center to the outside of the circle to represent the road you’re now on. The tiniest change in angle from the center point will put you FAR away from your first line on that outside circumference over time!

You CAN find 2-10 minute blocks of time on a more or less daily basis to work on your goals. I plan to encourage you regularly.


Ann Landers had a great column years ago and regularly ran the poem/ prayer, “Just for Today.” It is closely associated with Al-Anon now – I’m not sure who first wrote this gem, but it’s worth reading and even posting on your fridge or bathroom wall. I just printed a copy for myself from the internet: here’s the link.

The point is that if every day you promise yourself, “just for today, I will ____,” you truly can make your world a better place, and even accomplish great feats.


As for working on your goals, the biggest trap for me has always been thinking that just because something is important to me, somehow time will appear in my life from somewhere to do it! Gosh, that looks stupid in writing, but I seem to have unconsciously believed that for much of my life. Then, at the end of the day, I beat myself up for not taking steps towards my goals. Very unproductive! Especially if I DID find time to waste watching TV.

Personally, I’m a morning person, and it works better for me to get up early for this “me-time” by promising myself that I’ll go to bed early that evening. This way I give myself quality “me-time” rather than the leftover dregs. Essential when the activity requires concentration.

My life is crazy-busy, and helpful people often tell me to cut back for my own good. They don’t seem to understand that for me to have the energy to do everything that MUST be done, the answer is NOT to cut out all my hobby / growth / renewal activities! I need to prioritize and schedule this limited “me-time” and guard it zealously to DO what I promised myself.

Whether you aspire to make music,  improve your health, read more, or deepen relationships with family, friends, God or yourself, or that other goal you set for New Years’ — the time to do this is NOT going to magically appear from “somewhere.” However, you CAN accomplish A LOT in tiny steps done regularly. Write down the first (or next) step that will fit the time allowed, and make an irrevocable commitment to yourself to DO IT.


“The wishbone will never replace the backbone,” so don’t waste your time looking for “magic-bullet-short-cuts” that probably don’t exist, or beat yourself up over the past. Make a plan you can do, line up help where you need/want help, and get started.

Don’t let your life “fidget” away.

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