We're Moving Out of Niles

Our 2nd Piano Store is Moving from Niles

February 1, 2024

Family Piano Co is excited to announce that we are officially moving our second store!

To celebrate, we’re offering FREE DELIVERY with the purchase of any grands, uprights and digital piano! We’d rather move it to your home than to our new location and THEN your home!

Why We’re Leaving Niles

While we’ve loved being in Niles, they are moving ahead with the Golf Mill Mall redevelopment plans soon.

This’ll involve bulldozing our piano store — so we want to make sure we’re not there when it happens!

Golf Mill Mall in Niles 2025 Redevelopment Renderings

The link above takes you to a pamphlet full of all the Golf Mill redevelopment plans. Pretty cool, but it involves our side of the mall getting torn down!

Where We’re Moving. . . .

We’re currently in the process of finalizing our lease. If all goes well, we should be starting build out in the next couple of weeks.

Once that’s underway, we’ll feel more comfortable revealing more details.

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Our Waukegan Store is Staying Open

Family Piano Co started in Waukegan in 2006. While not frequented as often as our current Niles store, we love the Waukegan community and hold the location dear to our hearts!

Waukegan Store's County Street Entrance

So yes, our Waukegan store is staying open for business throughout the transition.

Now is a great time to pick out a piano – get FREE DELIVERY, regardless of which store you visit! If you have any friends or family thinking of getting into piano, let them know!

If you have any questions, we encourage you to email us at [email protected].

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