Waukegan Store Now Family Piano’s Service Center

October 1, 2022

Starting today, our Waukegan store has officially become Family Piano’s Service Center! 

There are at least a few huge benefits that’ll come from this change:

  • Pianos will become showroom-ready faster,
  • More comfortable showroom for our large selection of pianos,
  • Better tech team availability in the field, and
  • Happier technicians and more satisfied customers overall. 💛

Why the Change?

While we really want to make piano shopping as convenient as possible, it’s been really hard staffing two locations 7 days a week.

Family Piano has always been one of the few local piano stores open 7 days a week. And then we became the first family-owned piano store to have two locations in the Chicagoland area.

It’s also worth mentioning that Family Piano has the largest team of piano technicians in the Midwest. Some of them started as apprentices who we’ve put through 1,000+ of hours of training to prepare them for field work. 

So turning our Waukegan location into a dedicated space where techs can focus on refurbishing our 200+ pianos — well, it’s going to be a game changer for our team. And those benefits will be passed on down to you! 😊

Is the Waukegan Store Closing?

🚨 No, we are not leaving Waukegan! 🚨 Family Piano will still have the same location at 118 S Genesee Street. It’s just that instead of focusing on piano sales there, our Waukegan location will be a tuning and technical center for both acoustic and digital pianos — plus an office space and a place to store pianos.

So if you want to visit, please make sure to call ahead. Chances are, someone will be working there, but we just can’t guarantee that 7 days a week. Or that it’ll be the right person for what you need. 

Golf Mill Mall = Best Pianos for Sale in One Place

As we discussed in our Changes to Waukegan Store & Golf Mill announcement, more and more piano customers are choosing to shop at our store in Niles. So instead of trying to offer everything in two places, we’re just going to focus on offering customers the one best experience.

Going forward, if you’re piano shopping in the Chicagoland area, Family Piano’s store in the Niles Golf Mill Mall is the place to visit

  • All our best refurbished acoustic pianos — including brands like Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin and more. 
  • All our new Kawai pianos in one showroom
  • Best selection of digital pianos and keyboards in the region
  • Authorized sales of Kawai, Casio and Roland

All our best pianos in one place, open every day. ​The best prices and service, closer to our customers. 

Downtown Waukegan = Budget Pianos for Sale

All this said, we will be announcing a “warehouse sale” at Waukegan very soon.

Budget acoustic pianos will be on sale for $799 and $999. We’ve never sold acoustic pianos at such a low price before. 

We’re going to be trying this out early in October with a select 15 pianos. Mostly they’ll be beginner level pianos which we’ve put through a 15-point refurbishing checklist, instead of our usual 30-point job. 

If these budget buys ends up being popular, we’ll regularly stock a few budget pianos at Waukegan too. And just as one more reminder: the store will only be open by appointment.

Stay tuned (😃) for more information on this sale!

As always, thank you for your support.​ We’re confident this rearrangement is going to be a huge benefit for everyone.

Giving our teams the space and resources they need is a change that’ll allow us to keep giving our customers the best service at the best prices. 🎹💙

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